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January 31, 2018

How Text Messaging Improves Business Operational Efficiency

David Wang

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You often hear about how text messaging helps to improve customer service as well as the overall customer experience.

But texting doesn’t just benefit the customers, it also helps improve the overall operational efficiency of businesses as well as boosting the productivity and satisfaction of employees.

According to a survey by Staples, 75% of American workers don’t believe they have access to the latest efficiency-boosting technology.

Not having the technology and tools required for employees to be successful can result in poor business performance and unhappy employees.

Text messaging is not considered new technology, but using it as a form of business communication is somewhat foreign to some businesses.

I’m not suggesting that employees should start using their personal phones for business, rather companies should explore utilizing a business text messaging software to manage customer and/or internal communication.

Here are 6 ways using business text messaging software can improve your operational efficiency.

1) Automated Responses

There is a reason why almost all company websites have a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, to avoid getting calls and emails regarding common questions. The same could be achieved with a business texting service when customers are out and want a quick answer to a popular question.
By setting up keyword triggers, businesses can set up a templated response and automatically text a response back to the customer without any manual work from employees. For example, if a customer texts in “WIFI password”, an automated response will be sent back immediately.

2) Scheduled Notifications

Sending notifications whether it’s for an appointment or payment can be challenging due to the channels being used to send it out. From a phone call perspective, it’s challenging because you may not reach the person. Even if you leave a voicemail, it’s not guaranteed that they will check it. Sending an email has a similar challenge in that you may not be certain that they will check it in time.

With text messages, you can drastically increase your chances of customers seeing the notification, as research has shown that 90% of all text messages are read in under 3 minutes. If you want to avoid wasting time and reach customers in real-time, texting is the way to go. With business texting software, you can integrate it with your CRM or other internal systems to automatically send out scheduled alerts and notifications without breaking a sweat.

3) Mobilized Customer Communication

Texting takes customer service mobile. In industries such as hospitality, employees are not always sitting at a desk. Sometime employees may be out running errands and doing other business tasks and texting allows them to stay in contact with customers no matter where they are. Having a business texting software mobilizes the employee and allow them to use their phone as a customer communication channel through a web interface or native app.

4) Simultaneous Service

Although it seems nearly impossible to provide service to multiple customers at one time, text messaging is the channel that enables businesses to do just that. With phone calls, only one conversation can be had at one time, but with text messaging, it enables staff to converse with multiple customers simultaneously. A business texting software makes this process easy by having a central dashboard that allows employees to toggle back and forth to different conversations to increase the speed of service for each customer.

5) Saved Conversations

Can you remember all the conversations you had with every customer last week? I doubt it. Using a business texting software enables you to save all conversations with every single customer that interacted via text. This is very beneficial for business operations in two ways. First, it provides a way for businesses to analyze the contents of the message to see if there is any useful information that can be used to improve the business. Second, customers usually don’t remember what they said last time they spoke with you so being able to quickly pull up past conversations, employees can quickly pick up where the conversation left off to get thing moving forward, rather than trying to find notes in files that nobody can find or access.

6) Communicate in Any Language

Don’t you wish all your employees are multilingual and are able to converse with customers from anywhere in the world? Having a business text messaging software allow you to do just that. Some business text messaging services like Zingle offer instant language translation so when a customer who texts your business in a different language, it instantaneously translates the language into English. When the employee responds in English, it translates the text back to the customer’s native language to make the experience seamless and effortless. I think that’s pretty cool. Think about it, texting can actually get you more customers that you normally couldn’t even communicate with. That’s extremely powerful.

These are just some of the ways that businesses can improve operational efficiency with the help of a business text messaging software. However, keep in mind that the software is only a tool.

In order to truly see improvements in your business operation, you need to have a place and process in place as well as properly train your staff on how to manage text message communication with customers.

Don’t forget to determine key performance indicators ahead of time so you can benchmark the performance and optimize for improvement.

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