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January 9, 2017

7 Reasons to Make Texting Your New Year’s Resolution

We’re a week into the new year; have you made your resolution?
If you haven’t, you’re not alone because 42% of the population never make a resolution.

However for those who did, only 8% will keep it. That means you have a better shot at being accepted into Brown University than you do at keeping your New Year’s resolution. No pressure.

So, while most people are promising themselves that this is the year they’re going to firm up those glutes, find that soulmate, or sleep at an arctic resort, why not take an easier approach and simply make text messaging your New Year’s resolution?


Here are 7 reasons why your business should make texting its New Year’s resolution this year:


1. Texting is fast. And unless you’ve been living among a remote tribe in New Guinea, this is fairly common knowledge. But what you may not know is that texting is 10x more efficient than making a phone call. 

The average phone call lasts between 2-3 minutes, whereas it takes a mere 4 seconds to send a text message. If your business emplaces text messaging as a customer service tool, how much time could you save this year?


2. Texting works. Only about 20% of emails are ever opened. Compare that to text messages which have an open rate of 98%. With less people making phone calls (phonophobia is a thing now), listening to voice messages (my mom has yet to set up voicemail in the three years she’s owned her smartphone), or spending time responding to emails, it’s imperative to find a communication method that your customers connect with. If those stats aren’t enough to make you consider texting, 78% of customers wish they could communicate with businesses via text messaging. That’s a lot of missed opportunity.


3. Texting is easy. Nearly everyone understands it, most people do it daily, and there’s a relatively low learning curve. Over 80% of adults in the U.S. text. Text messaging is no longer just a communication medium between millennials; texting is cross-generational. Of those 70 years or older who own a smartphone, 70% own a smartphone and 94% are texting


4. Texting is environmentally friendly. Junk mail wipes out 2.6 million trees each year. That’s like annihilating every tree in Central Park. 100 times


Bob Ross knew what was up. Photo: TheChive

There are businesses out there who are still printing massive quantities of flyers, catalogues, and circulators. These businesses are dinosaurs. The majority of print advertising is wasted by being mailed to people who have expressed no interest in the product/business/service, just to be plucked from the mailbox, and tossed in the trash. 

Text messaging creates virtually no carbon footprint, and what little contribution texting has on global warming, it’s extraordinarily minor when compared to mailing a letter. Customers must also opt-in to receive any text messages from a business, therefore interest is already established. Text messaging not only saves the environment, but saves your business from wasting time, too.


5. Texting is free. Everything from Facebook Messenger to Whatsapp to iMessage, is free. Why does this matter to your business? Because customers are more apt to use or try something that is of no cost or risk to them. Not only is text messaging free for customers to communicate with businesses, they have the freedom to use whichever messaging platform they prefer. 


6. Texting is universal. Not only is texting virtually free, most messaging platforms work internationally (Messenger, Whatsapp, Line, Viber, and many others). With the addition of text messaging software, texts can be translated from one language to another in a near instant. Since text communication can be done internationally, your customer base is never limited. Connect with anyone from anywhere and never lose a customer to language barriers.


7. Texting is personal. Personal connections are everything these days. 86% of customers say personalization plays a role in their decisions when making a purchase. There’s no longer room for impersonal, cookie-cutter, or generic marketing. If you want to create a loyal customer base, provide them with superior, personable service. 

Texting messaging gives your business the perfect opportunity to create personalized two-way conversations between your customers and your business. Having the ability to respond quickly in a personable tone is the superior customer experience we all desire from businesses


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