Bean Brokers Garners Attention for Text Innovation

Bean Brokers is garnering increasing media attention for the shop’s ability to receive and process orders via texting, with Shaw Cable coming in later this week to do a clip about the service. Previously, CFRN from Edmonton did a segment on the new service.

Owner Connie Harder said while texting in an order has been a bit slow to catch on, she believes that as time goes on, people will see the value of saving time that the service provides.

“But those that do use it, love it. It’s so convenient. It’s faster service for them, especially if you’re ordering for a large group. They can text it in and then it’s ready for them when they come to pick it up,” she said.

Harder said she got the idea from a restaurant she visited in the United States. She contacted the company that provided that service, but the company wasn’t offering service to Canadians. Harder kept in contact and was able to secure the first Canadian account for the service.

Harder said once the drive-thru is completed — expected by the end of March — the texting service will be “extremely convenient because someone can text their order in … and (when) it’s ready for them they can just drive by and pick it up,” she said, meaning that customers won’t even have to get out of their vehicles.

Customers who text in an order will receive an order confirmation back to them with an estimated time for them to pick it up.

Wilson Loree, chair of the Olds Connected Communities Committee, said Bean Brokers’ use of texting to further the business is an innovative way to meet customers’ needs.

“We believe that it’s a great example of how businesses are seeing an opportunity to relate to their customers using technology. We want to showcase what people are doing to help inspire others that they might be able to do it too,” he said.

Loree said the ultimate goal of getting businesses to use technology in their advertising is so more businesses are successful and as much business as possible stays in Olds.

“We’d like when they do a search (on the Internet) to be able to find businesses here that provide that. It contributes to sustainability of the community. Our belief is that more and more business and connections are using technology … and in order to be competitive our local businesses need to be there too,” he said.

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