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December 11, 2014

Best Customer Experiences | Palm Springs Resort Drives More Guests

Bonnie R. writes to us from Southern California regarding the Palm Springs Rendezvous, a boutique hotel that has come up with a great way to deliver excellent customer service and advertise to locals at the same time, driving more guests and more exposure for the business…

The cozy 10-room retro-themed hotel provides a freshly cooked three-course breakfast to its guests. And for a small fee guests can invite their local friends to join them.


“So my husband’s sister stayed there and we enjoyed a great homemade meal with her every morning,” Bonnie says. “They even serve smoothies and cater to special requests like ‘vegan’ and ‘gluten free.’“ Trends are telling us that great customer service will typically account for these things in modern day hospitality.

Each room at the Rendezvous also has baked goods and complimentary beverages waiting for guests. And – there’s a free cocktail hour each evening – complete with on-the-house drinks and appetizers.

These small, relatively inexpensive offerings create a warm, homey feeling for the hotel’s guests and their local friends. By catering to visitors along with hometown residents, the Rendezvous is creating a whole new category of referrals (locals telling their visiting friends to stay there) right within its local economy. Small, smart customer service touches like this one create lasting memories and a growing customer base, along with customer loyalty. We can learn a lot from this little trendsetter! 

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