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July 7, 2014

Fast thinking, fast texting concierge delivers guest satisfaction in Vegas

We heard yet another story about hotel texting and great customer service from Scott, who recently stayed at Cesar’s Palace in Las Vegas after flying in from Sarasota, Fla. 

He and some colleagues were scheduled to have dinner the night they all arrived from different parts of the country. They were tired and hungry and it was Scott’s job to get them to the right restaurant.

He asked the concierge to give him a bunch of ideas for restaurants that were fun and cutting edge. He then chose one of the options, but the restaurant was so new the concierge didn’t have the exact address at his finger tips. “So he said, ‘I will sms-text it to you in a moment. Just head south on the strip,’” Scott recalls.

Scott left the hotel, hopped in a cab, and a few minutes later the concierge texted him the address of the restaurant. Scott says he then forwarded the text to his business associates and they were soon on their way as well.

Because of the concierge’s fast thinking, accomodation to guest satisfaction,  and excellent customer service, Scott was able to leave the hotel headed in the right direction and make it to the restaurant quickly while enabling his friends to do the same. He was even able to get to greet them as they arrived.“This was important to me because I was essentially hosting the dinner.”

Here, the hotel staff understood the needs of a key target audience – their guest, the business traveler – and catered to that need in a way that was seamless and almost invisible, yet much appreciated. Your customers will not only be grateful for your amazing customer service but for the technology that enabled it! Hotels in the industry utilizing business texting services are finding amazing results to their guest reviews, as well as customer experiences making them leaders. 

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