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June 30, 2014

Empathy drives an exceptional hotel guest experience

David Wang

A woman recently sent me a note telling me about her exceptional experience at the Days Inn in Bend, Oregon. It’s a humble motel frequented by snowboarders and hikers – just a clean place to crash after a long day in the beautiful Central Oregon wilderness.

The woman (named Susan) said the front desk manager at the motel has gone out of his way to deliver great service on multiple occasions. “I wish I knew his name. He may even own the motel,” she says. “He’s helped us find rock bottom rates over the phone on many occasions, always doing his best to bring the price down when I’ve asked for a better rate.”

But the clincher came one Saturday when he let her check out early amid a family crises, even though the noon deadline had passed. Susan had received a call from a family member and needed to return home to Seattle quickly.

“I told him in general terms what was happening and he didn’t even blink or ask any questions – just gave me the full refund! It was a kind gesture in the middle of a stressful situation and I have always remembered this. He always asks me about my family and tells me about his two grown children.”

Clearly, this manager showed her that he – and consequently Days Inn – knows what is most important. The result? Susan looks forward to staying there again and again and refers lots of friends and family to the same motel.

The message here: Having a heart and connecting with your customer is what’s really important to them. Going above and beyond might hurt a little at first but it can mean loyalty and lots of referrals in the end.

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