Winter 2021 – Medallia Zingle Feature Roundup

The past year was like innovation “rocket fuel” for Medallia Zingle and our clients. Despite shut downs and ever changing social distancing guidelines, we’re proud of our high-impact collaborations with nimble and driven businesses, many of them small and medium sized businesses determined to keep their doors open. 

What emerged from a meeting of the minds has been a mix of new and improved features delivered to solve a range of new use cases not previously at the “top of the list”. This included everything from new ways to communicate with customers using curbside pick-up and virtual waiting rooms to innovative new ways to do contactless everything.

While this list is by no means comprehensive, let’s take a look at a few new Medallia Zingle features and some interesting use cases worth highlighting:


1. Understand your Customers with Integrated NPS Surveys, CSAT Surveys and Analytics

Medallia Zingle rolled out integrated NPS and CSAT survey questions that can be easily deployed to customers or employees using automations called ‘Zings’. Easily accessible through the analytics dashboard, these features are designed to help you collect valuable feedback so that you can make the changes and improvements that make your customers happier and more likely to continue engaging with your business.

Medallia Zingle allows you to survey customers and analyze results using NPS and CSAT survey questions all within your existing Medallia Zingle dashboard. This means you can track trends over time, run reports and better understand your customers, all within Zingle.

2. Keep the line (and Communication) Moving using Virtual Ticketing with Priority Inbox

This was an exciting new feature designed to help clients virtually manage their customer queues – think of it like a digital paper ticket system – only way more advanced. Building on our current inbox infrastructure, this enhancement supports the ability to sort Inbox conversations in ways that allow you to respond to customers based on your specific business rules.

One client expertly used this feature to maintain social distancing and safely serve and fit customers in their busy ski and snowboard rental shop. With Medallia Zingle they didn’t need to sacrifice one whole staff member to manage the queue, instead they used virtual ticketing to help customers in the order in which they arrive, and communicate with those waiting, throughout the process.

3. Communicate with WhatsApp and other Popular Channels

At Medallia Zingle, we believe that one of the most important services we can deliver is providing our clients with the tools to effectively communicate with their customers in the channels consumers are currently using. And as technology changes and new communication platforms are developed – the Medallia Zingle team is dedicated to building integrations that keep you connected.

That’s why we were happy to announce Medallia Zingle supports WhatsApp as one of the many channels our clients are now using to communicate directly with their customers. WhatsApp joins our ever growing list of channels including Facebook Messenger, web chat and our Medallia Zingle API which provides the ability to integrate Medallia Zingle conversations into whatever App your business offers today.

With more than 5 million WhatsApp users around the globe, this is just the latest way that Medallia Zingle keeps you and your customers connected.

4. Get them the Info they want with QR Codes

QR codes (short for Quick Response code) are matrix barcodes that you can scan with a smartphone to immediately pull up specific online content like a web page, form, or analytics or to begin a text conversation. This technology isn’t new, it’s been around since the 90’s – but what is new is how Medallia Zingle’s innovative clients have harnessed this technology to improve safe and contactless services for their customers over the past year.

How does it work? Simply use a free QR code generator to generate a custom QR code that directs your customer to specific online content or to open a text conversation. Some innovative clients have used this quickly to start up a conversation, for contactless check-in or check-out, for curbside pick-up, for self guided property tours, to provide reminders and information about onsite events, to trigger a ticket that a bathroom or other amenity needs to be serviced. We’re seeing first hand that the sky is the limit as our clients explore new ways to reduce face-to-face interactions and still provide a frictionless customer experience.

Ready to see how Medallia Zingle can help you in 2021? Schedule a demo with one of our consultants and see for yourself.


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