How to Improve Your Hotel Guest Experience with Text Messaging

It doesn’t matter what size your hotel is, the main objective should be to create the best guest experience possible.

The guest experience does not begin when the guest arrives at your hotel, it starts right after they book their stay. Communication is a crucial aspect of the guest experience that can truly affect how a guest feels about your brand.

According to Deloitte research, Consumers want authenticity, personalization, removal of friction, and on-demand functionality in their travel experiences.

Text messaging has been a popular way for hotels and resorts like MGM, Hyatt, and Marriott to engage with guests throughout their entire stay to meet those demands and make it more pleasant and memorable.

Here are some ways hotels and resorts can use text messaging to improve the entire guest experience.

1) Before Checking In

hotel guest texting zingle

Even before your guests walk into your door, you can engage them with a welcome message along with information that can make their arrival easier and more pleasant.

Here are some common pre-arrival messages you can send to your guests.

  • Welcome message letting guests know they can text for any questions
  • Provide directions to the hotel
  • Ask if they need shuttle assistance
  • Valet staff provides text number for quicker car pickup
  • Room-ready message to avoid long check-in lines

2) After Checking In

hotel guest texting zingle

During the check-in process, let your guests know that they can text message for any questions or service request the need. Hotels often provide a card with their text number along with the room key envelope so guests have the number handy if needed.

After your guests check-in, here are some messages you can send them.

  • Recommendations for restaurants
  • List of activities and events happening during their time of stay
  • Coupons for 2-for-1 drink and appetizer specials at the bar

3) During the Stay

hotel guest texting zingle

Whether your guests are out and about sightseeing, relaxing by the pool or just simply lounging in their room, text messaging helps enhance their experience in several ways.

Here are some ways text messages can be used during your guests’ stay.

  • Restaurant reservations via text
  • Notification of activities and events going on today
  • Text message for room service or housekeeping
  • Coupon for spa service, a round of golf or other in-house services
  • Mid-stay guest satisfaction survey

4) Checking Out

hotel guest texting zingle

On check-out day, engage with your guests via text by making sure they were fully happy with the entire experience as well as provide any assistance for transportation or other needs.

Here are some ways you can engage guests during the checkout process.

  • Post-stay survey
  • Assistance with shuttle
  • Text message for valet car pickup
  • Airport gate information if traveling by air
  • Promotional coupon for next stay

Making guests feel special is one sure way to keep them coming back and referring their friends and family. Delivering a personalized and memorable experience through a low friction communication channel such as text messaging can help boost overall guest satisfaction and increase loyalty.

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