Zing-It! Personalizing Messages

Zing-It! Personalizing Messages

Personalization is the key to improving your customer’s experience.

When it comes to personalized communication, capturing and leveraging the right data combined with a real-time channel like messaging can help you tailor communication to each customer and improve the overall customer experience you’re providing.

In this Zing-It! Episode, we will go over how to send personalized messages to customers using an example from the hotel business. The goal of personalizing communication with guests is to elevate the hotel stay experience and improve guest satisfaction to build loyalty. Let’s get into it.

Starting with Data

Personalization cannot be accomplished without the aid of data. By capturing the right information during various stages of the guest experience, including booking and check-in as well as leveraging information in your hotel property management system and CRM, you can start to map those data points to personalize messages to guests using Zingle’s advanced segmentation and automation capabilities.

Segmenting Customers

Segments are how Zingle categorizes customers by unique attributes. The important thing to know is segments are dynamic and can be changed based on certain criteria. For example, “checked-in” can be a segment for guests who are currently checked-in and on property.

Other segments can include VIP or loyalty guests, wedding party or floor number of the guest.

Personalizing Messages

Once you have your guest’s permission to communicate with them through texting and the data is available in Zingle — either through a PMS integration or manually inputted — you can start leveraging the power of personalization.

With guest segments created, you can send a personalized message to a group of guests by simply adding the segment desired in the Recipients field.

Additionally, you can personalize the content of the message with tokens that enable you to use the name of the guest or other information available within Zingle like room number or loyalty status.

Using the Zing automation feature, you can also send personalized messages to a group of guests based on a set time or a specific trigger. For example, you can schedule a personalized message to a group of guests attending a wedding to provide instructions on where the festivities are located.

Examples of Personalized Messages

The number of ways you can personalize communication with customers using Zingle is endless. Here are a few examples commonly used by hotels.

1. Personalized Welcome Message

This personalized welcome message includes a confirmation of the guest request to have the shuttle pickup based on the expected arrival time from the airport.

2. Personalized promotions

This personalized promotional message is sent because during the booking process the guest indicated she is interested in special offers and possibly a spa treatment.

3. VIP & Loyalty Guests

This personalized message can be sent to all VIP guests who are currently staying at the hotel.

As you can see, personalizing communication creates an elevated level of customer experience as shown in this hotel example. This strategy can be applied to any business to help build a stronger relationship with your customers.

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