Zingle Integrates with MINDBODY to Improve Member Engagement for Fitness Centers

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Effective communication is at the core of any successful gym or fitness business. Being able to reach your members and prospects in a timely manner is extremely important. Missed classes and appointments can lead to membership churn as well as loss in potential members and revenue.

Having a real-time personalized communication channel like mobile and text messaging can be a useful tool to help reduce missed appointments and make a positive impact on the business overall.

Introducing the Zingle & MINDBODY Integration

MINDBODY is a well-known cloud-based customer relationship & business management software for the fitness industry.

The system enables fitness businesses (gyms, salons, spas, yoga studios and more) to manage all of their contacts, schedule appointments, create marketing campaigns and more.

Zingle is a messaging-based customer engagement platform that enables two-way communication via text and social messaging (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and more).

With this integration, MINDBODY customers can seamlessly sync customer data with Zingle and send personalized messages to members and prospects based on smart segmentation and automation.

How does the integration help fitness business owners using MINDBODY?

The integration between Zingle & MINDBODY provides several benefits for fitness business owners and staff. Here are a few top ones:

Improve Lead to Member Conversion by immediately sending text messages to prospects to schedule their free trial when they express interest by filling out a lead form on your website.

Reduce Missed Classes & Appointments by sending reminders to members about their upcoming class or training session.

Personalize Marketing Campaigns by sending promotional messages based on each member’s interest through customizable tags within Zingle.

The best part about these personalized messages is that they do not have to be sent manually within Zingle.

With the integration, Zingle can sync and store all contact information that is available within MINDBODY, which enables your staff to automate those messages to save time and reduce errors.

Additionally, all of the messages within Zingle can be viewed within MINDBODY to allow your fitness business to get a full view of your customers.

How does the Zingle & MINDBODY Integration Work?

Existing Zingle and MINDBODY customers can easily deploy the integration within Zingle’s admin section by clicking the integration button and entering the MINDBODY site (or client ID). There is no advanced configuration or developer resources required for the integration.

Once integrated, Zingle can start importing contact data directly from MINDBODY. This automated process saves hours from staff manually adding contacts to Zingle. Another added benefit is that whenever contact information is changed in MINDBODY, it automatically updates in Zingle as well!

With your contact information available in Zingle, you are ready to manually send or automate messages to your members and prospects in a faster and more efficient manner.

For example, if you wanted to send an appointment reminder to a group of members that have a class scheduled today, you can automate a scheduled message by creating a segment called “Today’s Appointments” and all members with an appointment date of today will receive a text message reminder based on the time of your choice.

In the example contact information, the fields Appointment Date & Appointment Time are automatically imported from MINDBODY.

Messages can be easily automated based on a set schedule and the targeted audience.

Message Example from customers’ perspective:


As you can see, by integrating Zingle with MINDBODY, you can automate different types of messages to your members and prospects based on information available in MINDBODY. This helps you provide a more personalized experience while improving communication efficiency.

To see how other fitness businesses are using messaging to improve the customer experience, check out our blog on 10 Ways Fitness Centers are Using Text Messaging to Build Strong Customer Relationships.

If you’re currently a MINDBODY customer that would like to learn more about the Zingle integration, SCHEDULE A QUICK DEMO TODAY.

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