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Proactive Service Recovery: The Revenue Strategy You Can't Ignore

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The Cosmopolitan is a luxury hotel and casino located in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip. The Cosmopolitan integrates style and sophistication into the guest experience. With over 3,000 rooms and countless dining and entertainment options, The Cosmopolitan provides everything you need to do Las Vegas in style.

The Challenge

Being at the center of the Las Vegas Strip, The Cosmopolitan has competition in literally every direction. The Cosmopolitan wanted an easy way for guests to engage the hotel for questions, service requests, dinner reservations and help them discover the experiences they would enjoy most.

The Solution

The Cosmopolitan partnered with Zingle to deploy Rose the Chatbot for room service, concierge, butlers, guest services as well as marketing promotions. Rose automatically handles 80-90% of text message conversations with guests. From hours & locations to hotel amenities such as pool, gym and spa, to dinner & drink recommendations at their 20 bars & restaurants.

The Results

Guest Satisfaction

Significantly increased guest satisfaction rates

Boosted Sales

39% increase in spending from guests using Rose

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