Burgeon Beer Company Increases Customer Engagement and Boosts Sales with Text Messaging

Text Messaging for Restaurants

About Burgeon Beer Company

Burgeon Beer Company is the result of three ambitious men with a passionate vision. A vision to one day own and operate an influential craft brewery. Many years of planning, researching, developing, and optimizing resources enabled them to turn their vision into a reality. With the help of family, friends, cohorts and many others they were able to BURGEON into the San Diego craft beer scene.


As a rising star in the San Diego craft brewery scene, Burgeon Beer Company was looking to reach a wider audience and expand their customer base. They saw an opportunity to leverage the popularity of social media and the convenience of text messaging as a way to communicate with existing and potential customers.


Burgeon partnered with Zingle to create a text messaging program that enabled customers to text in for business hours, address as well as text in the keyword “Join” to sign up for alerts whenever there is a new beer release. Customers that can’t make it to the brewery can also text in the keyword “retail” to get a list of retail stores that carry Burgeon Beers.

Burgeon promoted their Zingle text number on their social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Burgeon Beer Business Text Messaging


After promoting their text number on social media, Burgeon saw around a 40% response rate from people texting in for new beer notifications as well as inquiries for retail locations that sell Burgeon.

 text messaging for restaurants and breweries
This resulted in more customers coming into the brewery to get their hands on the newest brew as well as an influx of customers heading to retail stores to purchase Burgeon Beer.

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