How Great Wolf Resorts Earns a 24% Higher Spend for On-Property Amenities

Great Wolf Resorts debuted in 1997, introducing a state-of-the-art resort with an indoor waterpark providing an easy and unforgettable escape for families. Now, it’s an established hospitality brand with 19 properties throughout the United States and several in development.

With activities and amenities for the entire family, Great Wolf Resorts attracts guests staying for just a day, a weekend getaway, and an extended vacation.

Great Wolf Resorts’ Need for a Messaging Solution

Alex Ragazzo, Manager of Customer Experience, decided to explore messaging solutions in an effort to reduce stress on staff during peak times when lines formed in the lobby, and guests called the front desk for information about amenities. Although their staff were able to answer every inquiry, their process didn’t allow for Great Wolf Resorts to operate with outstanding efficiency.

Medallia Zingle arrived at a limited group of properties to start. Ragazzo wanted to get a feel for the platform alongside another solution before going all-in on one or the other, but he quickly realized just how powerful Medallia Zingle is compared to the competition.

Alex Ragazzo, Great Wolf Resorts

“It was very apparent to me early on that the sky was the limit in terms of what we could do with Zingle,” he said.

Great Wolf Resorts assembled a variety of automated messages to immediately respond to frequently asked questions or prompt communications, lifting repetitive tasks from staff while still delivering an impactful interaction to guests as soon as they reach out.

Operational Efficiencies with Willow, Powered by Medallia Zingle

Medallia Zingle is also integrated within the Great Wolf Resorts mobile application. Willow, the virtual concierge, uses Medallia Zingle’s technology to answer questions, provide information throughout a stay, and fulfill requests such as housekeeping or maintenance.

Willow the wolf greets a guest on the morning of their arrival and encourages them to communicate throughout their stay with Great Wolf Resorts. Later on, guests are reminded of any safety protocols still in place due to the global pandemic. Great Wolf Resorts also shares a mid-stay survey to monitor guest experience and address any issues before a guest exits the property. And when it’s time for departure, guests can check-out via text message rather than dropping by the front desk.

“With the use of Zings, we’re able to cultivate specific touchpoints throughout their stay that are unobtrusive while letting them know we’re here to do whatever we can to ensure they have an amazing family experience,” Ragazzo commented.

Great Wolf Resorts realized a significant operational efficiency improvement with housekeeping. In the past, Ragazzo used an early check-out incentive during peak times that rewarded guests with an on-property credit for other services. It allows housekeeping to start cleaning a vacant room earlier than usual in order to prepare for another guest. But the incentive, while effective, was costly.

Ragazzo ultimately discontinued the early-checkout incentive — guests often left early on their own, but now a simple text could confirm that for property staff. 15% of guests text that they had left by 9:30AM, which in turn gets housekeeping into rooms with ample time to prepare it for the next family, ahead of schedule.

Increasing On-Property Spend, Boosting Revenue

Great Wolf Resorts Increases Amenity Spend with Medallia Zingle Guest Messaging

Great Wolf Resorts chose a messaging solution to gain operational efficiencies. Yet the improvement to guest experience also translated to boosted revenue — making Great Wolf Resorts’ ROI even stronger.

In data revealed by Medallia Zingle’s integration with Medallia Experience Cloud, we discovered that guests who engaged with Great Wolf Resorts using Medallia Zingle resulted in a 24% higher spend for on-property amenities.

“We offer a birthday package for guests which includes ‘Happy Birthday’ signs on the door and other add-ons that make for a very special experience for our families. Guests regularly see these signs up as they’re heading to their room, and use Zingle to text that they’d like to purchase the birthday package,” Ragazzo shared.

Notice the frictionless experience. Guests aren’t required to visit the lobby or call the front desk. Instead, they’re purchasing the add-on package through a text alerting staff. Everything occurs in seconds, not minutes. So the guest receives an add-on that raises their satisfaction, and Great Wolf Resorts easily increased on-property spend.

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