Contactless Check-In Boosts NPS at MGM Resorts

Medallia Zingle was honored to be a major sponsor of Skift Global Forum. We joined hospitality, travel & tourism industry leaders from Accor, IHG, Delta, MGM Resorts and more, to discuss the future of contactless guest experience. Medallia Zingle Founder, SVP & GM Ford Blakely and Anders Tylman-Mikiewicz, Chief Product Officer at MGM Resorts International, both leaders in customer experience, spoke on the transformative shift to contactless technology. The conversation covered how MGM solved one of their biggest pre-COVID customer experience pain points by launching contactless check-in with help from Medallia Zingle’s guest messaging platform, all during a pandemic.

Watch the session here to see Anders and Ford’s high impact conversation with Skift Research Editor Jeremy Kressmann, in our session Creating Contactless Experiences that Resonate with Guests.


MGM Resorts transforms their check-in process with contactless

One issue MGM faced pre-COVID was long queues during their check-in process. “Prior to COVID, check-in lines on Thursday and Friday were almost as famous as the Las Vegas sign, but for all the wrong reasons,” said Anders of MGM Resorts. COVID-19 increased the urgency to solve that problem. After working with health experts, MGM integrated Zingle’s two-way text messaging into their mobile app as part of their contactless check-in process that launched with their June reopening. Now guests can check in even before arrival, as well as easily notify the hotel of any special requests.

“We don’t believe contactless is the same thing as connectionless. In fact, we think it’s the opposite.”

Anders Tylman-Mikiewicz, Chief Product Officer at MGM Resorts

And the guests seem to love the change. NPS ratings for MGM’s check-in process increased by 3-4 points while the front desk ratings grew by a whopping 12 points. To further dig into Medallia’s guest feedback analytics, one third of those who stay at an MGM Resorts hotel choose contactless and of those, 25% have already become repeat guests, a surprising statistic for a Las Vegas hotel, which is not usually a repeat destination in such a short period of time.

“Messaging is one of the few contactless experiences where you can still feel that personal engagement,” Ford stated. “A one-to-one conversation, albeit through a safe channel.”

Contactless Check-in at MGM Resorts International results in increased NPS scores.

Atif Rafiq, president of commercial & growth at MGM Resorts International, weighed in on this quick deployment. “Moving from an integrated casino resort to a company that’s really digital first and the experiences are easy to use and business model is compelling for the customer — we’re laser focused on that,” Rafiq told Skift’s CEO Rafat Ali in a recent article. “In terms of Covid, that’s only accelerated that. Especially on the digitization element. So in some cases we’ve accelerated road maps by six to nine months. Contactless check-in was ready to go when we reopened in June, [and it’s had] a 30 percent adoption from day one.”

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