North Central Healthcare Improves Staff Recruitment with Text Messaging

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Quick and effective communication is crucial for recruiters to land the best candidate available. However, traditional methods like email and phone calls are becoming less effective in reaching candidates in a timely manner.

In this interview, Bo Johnson, HR Generalist at North Central Health Care shares why he chose Zingle to improve candidate communication and how the combination of personalization and automation increased candidate response rates and made his life a whole lot easier.

About North Central Health Care

North Central Health Care provides quality, accessible specialized care to people of all ages in Marathon, Lincoln and Langlade Counties in Central Wisconsin. Appreciating the diverse challenges we all face, care is provided to each individual based on their unique interests, abilities and needs to deliver the quality of life each person deserves.


Zingle: Thank you for your time today Bo. Can you tell us a little bit about your role at North Central Healthcare?

Bo: My official title is HR Generalist and I support all aspects of North Central Healthcare’s human resource and recruiting efforts including screening, interviewing and onboarding orientation of new employees. I also manage all vendor relations that our department works with including Zingle.

Zingle: What made you look at messaging and Zingle?

Bo: Before we implemented Zingle as our text messaging solution, we were using traditional emails and phone calls to communicate with both new candidates and existing employees.

However, over the years, I’ve seen a slight decline in responsiveness from emails, phone calls/voicemails, especially with the younger generation. This change in communication created a challenge for me to effectively engage candidates in a timely manner.

I didn’t really consider texting because I thought it would be hard to manage, but after watching a couple of webinars and reading articles on how staffing firms are using texting to improve communication, I did some online research and found Zingle due to the segmentation and automation capabilities that fit my needs.

Zingle: How has the use of Zingle evolved over time?

Bo: We started using Zingle as a way to send new candidates interview notifications. Once we started seeing more responses from candidates thanking us for reminding them and asking questions when they got lost, it truly showed the value of this type of communication.

Automating these notifications has really helped with our team’s efficiency so we expanded to sending not only interview notifications but also onboarding orientation reminders, employee health check-up notifications as well as using it to support our internal employee referral program.

Zingle: Using text messaging for a referral program is interesting. Can you explain more about that program?

Bo: One of the main initiatives is to have our existing employees refer friends and past colleagues to work at North Central Healthcare, so besides the usual ways we do this via internal email newsletters and announcements during meetings, we wanted to add texting as a more convenient way for our employees to make referrals.

By setting up keyword triggers like “refer”, to our text line, our employees can text in who they want to refer along with their contact information. With each referral that becomes an employee, they are rewarded with a nice incentive.

We added this program to our internal newsletter as well as posted signs around the office and break room.

Zingle: In what ways are you promoting texting with internal employees as well as new candidates?

Bo: For internal employees, we have included it in our internal newsletters as well as signs around the office and break room that tells them about the referral program with the keyword to text.

For external candidates, I ask them if they are ok with receiving text messages for interview reminders during the screening process so essentially everyone is self-opted-in.

Zingle: How are you collecting new candidate information to send reminders and other personalized messages?

Bo: When I go through the pre-screening process with the candidate, I add in all the information in Zingle like interview time, date, orientation date, and job title.

By adding this information into Zingle, it creates segments which I can build automations based on specific criteria. For example, I can simply set up one automation to send all candidates that have an interview date of “today” and send them a personalized message with their interview time.

We have various segments created to send personalized reminders in a fast and efficient way which saves us time and reduces potential human error.

Zingle: How has Zingle helped with improving communication with both candidates and internal staff?

Bo: From a productivity and efficiency perspective, it has definitely helped. With Zingle, I can send (or should I say automate) a personalized reminder message to 50 candidates and get a response back before I can send one email. It’s also possible with email, but the response rate we get from texting is much higher as I have found talking to candidates that some don’t have access to email on their phone or just don’t check it until the end of the day. But with texting, everyone checks it right away, which has made my life easier when trying to schedule tons of interviews a week.

Another great thing about using texting for appointment reminders is the ability for candidates to quickly change appointment times. If they are stuck in traffic or have an emergency, they can easily respond to our appointment text and reschedule if needed. It’s harder to do this via email or phone calls.

Zingle: It’s really exciting to see the positive impact of texting both internally and externally. As far as future use cases go, what is on your wish list to expand your usage of Zingle?

Bo: I want to find a way to make interview scheduling a bit easier. Adding the ability to have candidates schedule interviews and orientation date/time through texting would be another added convenience for scheduling. That would be on the top of the list.

Zingle: That is something we can definitely explore as it’s a very interesting use case and if I was a job seeker, I would love this convenience. Thank you again for taking the time to share your story with everyone as I think a lot of people in HR and recruiting can relate to your challenges and it’s a great example of creative problem-solving.

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