How Fitness Centers Accelerate Membership Growth with Real-time Messaging

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A new year means new resolutions to get fit and healthy. However, in today’s fitness landscape, there is no shortage of exercise options when it comes to losing those extra holiday pounds.

The fitness industry has definitely changed and gotten more competitive over the years with the increasing popularity of CrossFit, yoga studios, spin classes, bootcamps just to name a few.

How can fitness business owners stand out in this crowded market and convert more leads into paying members while retaining existing ones?

The key to converting more leads into members is through REAL-TIME COMMUNICATION.

We’re going to walk you through a real-life example of how an owner of a newly opened fitness center accelerated membership growth by engaging leads at the right time through text messaging.

Rush Cycle is a high-intensity indoor cycling studio with several locations throughout the United States.

Fitness enthusiast Caitlin recently opened a new Rush Cycle location in San Marcos California, near the sunny beaches of San Diego.

As a new franchise owner, Caitlin faced a huge challenge as she has to run all operations, manage staff while also trying to generate new leads and convert them to members.

With not much time on her hands, she often tries to reply to leads coming from various sources whenever she can, whether it’s during dinner or right before bed.

Caitlin found that her communication with leads was not timely which made it difficult for her to engage leads to schedule a trial class.

One night after dinner and a long day, Caitlin remembers that the attendance numbers are still down after the holidays which worried her. With all that she has invested in time and money, she was determined to find a way to better engage leads.

One day after class, one member came up to Caitlin and said, “sorry I missed the last couple of classes, I was working and just totally forgot…you should have texted me”.

As Caitlin was driving home from a class that night and started thinking about potentially using texting to keep her members updated on classes and events. Then she thought, why not try texting leads as well?

Since texting for business was a new concept to her, Caitlin looked at several business text messaging providers and chose Zingle due to their automation and segmentation capabilities that was going to help her streamline and personalize these text messages with leads and members.

Automatically Engaging Leads at the Time of Interest

People fill out forms all the time and sometimes forget they even did it.

For Caitlin, the goal of using a messaging platform is to immediately respond to leads as soon as they fill out a trial class form on her website while maintaining a personal touch.

To help achieve this, Caitlin integrated her CRM with Zingle’s messaging platform to automate a greeting text message to leads 10 minutes after they submit a trial class form. This strategy helped Caitlin to engage leads at the time of interest instead of hours or days after.

By engaging leads in “real-time”, 60% of leads replied to her welcome message and scheduled a trial class via text, which also helped her build a relationship with that lead by sending a follow-up message asking for feedback on the class and encourage a sign up.

Additionally, leads had additional questions that they may not have asked if it wasn’t for the welcome message, which recovered several potential lost members.

The Impact of Real-time Communication

Prior to using a messaging software like Zingle, Caitlin was unable to consistently engage every interested lead, which allowed potential customers to fall out of the funnel.  By using a real-time form of communication like texting, Caitlin is able to automatically greet & confirm 100% of interested leads quickly and consistently.

By using Zingle, Caitlin has seen 28% conversion on their nurtured leads. She is now able to easily engage with “fence-sitters” that would normally have fallen through the cracks.

Overall, Caitlin has seen great responses and results from engaging with leads and members via text message. It has helped her quickly build up her member base and improve retention by sending motivational messages, class reminders and progress updates that keep members engaged.

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