Talbott Hotel Taps into Text Messaging to Drive Incremental Revenue

Talbott Hotel Taps into Text Messaging to Drive Incremental Revenue

About Talbott Hotel

Located in Chicago’s Gold Coast Historic District, Talbott Hotel is for guests who savor the finer things but are not interested in formality. Talbott Hotel is defined by its timeless modern architecture, well-appointed yet comfortable décor, and exceptional personalized customer service.


Focused on delivering a fast and personalized experience for each guest, Talbott Hotel wanted to utilize text messaging as a new way for guests to communicate with staff for any request throughout their entire stay at the hotel. In addition, they were looking to drive additional revenue by enabling guests to request a late checkout and extended stay by sending a text message.


Partnering with Zingle, Talbott Hotel launched their texting program to their guests and set up a scheduled plan for text message engagement in various ways that allowed guests to receive faster and more personalized service while helping to increase incremental revenue for the hotel.

Talbott Hotel used text messaging to communicate with guests for:

  • Welcome Messages
  • Service Requests
  • Specials & Promotions
  • Dining Reservations
  • Valet Car Pickup
  • Late Checkout & Extended Stay


Soon after launching their text messaging program, Talbott Hotel soon saw that guests love using texting for communication. They were able to see engagement from guests texting for a wide variety of requests.

More importantly, Talbott was able to see that text messaging was effective in generating an additional $3,000 from late checkout per week, and an additional $2,000 per week from guests extending their stay.

“Zingle enabled our guests to receive faster and better service while helping us drive incremental revenue. Our property has benefitted from this technology to add another layer of guest interaction and satisfaction by using Zingle.”

Shane Prince | Director of Rooms | Talbott Hotel

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