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February 25, 2015

Business Tip – Catering to Families Wins Happy Repeat Customers


Gemma and Mark L. from Chester, UK, wrote to say why their local Piccolino Restaurant – part of a chain of 21 eateries throughout Britain – wins their repeat business. Again, something very simple turns out to be a little more than just good customer service…

“We have been to Piccolino’s quite a few times over the past three years and always love it. We had our eight-week-old daughter with us this last time. She woke up just as we were getting our food. The manager very kindly came over and took her to walk around and meet and greet the other customers. She was a very happy baby and we will be coming back soon!”

Learn from this –  Lots of people have kids. Be kind to them and the whole family will keep coming back. Customer loyalty works.
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