Power the future of contactless customer experience

Medallia Zingle’s intelligent messaging platform can help transform up to 80% of everyday interactions to contactless

Contactless communication protects customers and staff

Well-designed, contactless experiences help employees and customers maintain social distance and reduce friction at key points along the customer journey. With powerful workflow automations, Medallia Zingle’s quick-deploy messaging platform makes it easy to keep customers and staff safe and keep business moving.


The Contactless Guest Experience is Still Connected

Welcome hotel guests and provide peace-of-mind with a safe channel for real-time, two-way I’m conversation and a new standard of service.

Contactless arrival and departure

Instead of waiting in line at the front-desk, guests can safely check-in without face-to-face contact and easily check-out with the ease of a text message.

Streamlined request fulfillment

From concierge reservations to fresh towels from housekeeping, service is safely delivered as guests can text from anywhere and staff can rely on workflow efficiency.

Connected guest experience

With modern messaging technology, hotel staff can resolve mid-stay feedback issues in-the-moment, and still manage two-way conversations at scale.


Dining with a (responsible) twist

Zingle enables restaurants to quickly transform operations and provide a safe and satisfying experience for customers dining in or picking up their orders curbside.

Safe dining experience

Notify customers when their table is ready, provide a menu and receive food and beverage orders straight to the kitchen — all by text and all while limiting contact.

Seamless curbside pickup

Streamline curbside commerce using real-time communication and workflow automations to design and execute a fast pickup with order accuracy.

Creative restaurant service

Reimagine dining with opportunities to build loyal customer relationships like messaging the sommelier for wine pairings or texting ahead to order chocolate souffle.


Saving consumer confidence

With real-time communication, Zingle enables retailers to deliver personalized and contactless shopping experiences that keep customers safe and satisfied.

Conversation and clienteling

Stores can reduce lines, waiting and dwell times by offering customers the option to text before shopping, request an appointment or ask product questions.

Efficient curbside service

Messaging automations help retailers coordinate a seamless curbside pickup experience that’s convenient for customers and efficient for business.

Increased order value

Dynamic segmentation allows retail marketers to send relevant offers, in-the-moment, and raise average order values through the convenience of text.


Safeguarding Patient Experience

Zingle’s HIPAA-compliant text messaging platform improves communication between healthcare providers and patients allowing for safe, in-clinic visits.

Connected Patient

Use two-way messaging conversations to effectively manage call volume, answer patient questions in real-time and automate requests for pre-arrival information.

Coordinated visits and vaccines

Healthcare providers can implement messaging to create high-quality telehealth options and provide in-home patient care without the risk of face-to-face contact.

Telehealth solutions

With real-time messaging, providers can create more seamless telehealth visits that provide a personal experience without any contact.
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