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Proactive Service Recovery: The Revenue Strategy You Can't Ignore

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October 22, 2014

Customer Service & Customer Experience Hall of Fame

Speaking of the Hall of Fame, there are so many stories of great customer service floating around the Internet these days. Do you have one you would like to share with Zingle? If so drop us a line. In the meantime, check out these giants courtesy of 


Costco. Known for hiring the best employees and paying those employees above industry average, Costco’s amazing success shows that if you own a business of any size, it makes sense to hire the best people and pay them a decent wage. They will deliver the goods for you and help you build the reputation you deserve.


ZapposZappos. In addition to its hundred percent satisfaction-guaranteed return policy, Zappos encourages customers to order several pairs of shoes and other products and simply return what they don’t need at zero charge. And as if that weren’t enough, we have stories like these from Zappos: The company sent flowers to a woman whose feet were damaged by medical treatments, overnighted a free pair of a shoes to the best man who arrived to the wedding without shoes, happily justified a customer service call that lasted more than 10 hours (and resulted in the sale of one pair of Ugg boots). Good buzz equals good biz.

amazonAmazon. As big as it is, Amazon consistently scores well for service, its work environment and thoughtful leadership. A big part of what makes Amazon great is its customer response team. As the company grows it continues to stay focused on the details that make a difference. (Fast and free delivery being one of them).

NordstromNordstrom.  Easy returns and great customer service have helped Nordstrom rise to the top over the years. Employees are also treated well, taking home topnotch salaries. Lesson: Happy employees equal great customer service equals happy customers.


southwest1Southwest Airlines. In an era of all-time high levels of complaints among air travelers, Southwest Airlines continues to get good reviews from its passengers – and rake in the bucks. That’s because this airline was founded with customer loyalty in mind. Not only do employees consistently engage their customers and deliver great service, they are willing to apologize when things go wrong. With all this plus affordable ticket prices, no wonder Southwest Airlines has a ton of social media fans and survives the industry slumps. 

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