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February 14, 2017

Drop the Chocolates and Get Back into the Gym

David Wang

It’s February and your New Year’s Resolution of making healthier lifestyle decisions has gone down the toilette.


Now it’s National Chocolate Month, and you’ve been snarfing truffles like someone’s discovered a vaccine for diabetes.


It’s time to drop the chocolates, step out of those sweatpants, and get back into the gym; Orangetheory Fitness is ready to help you stick to your resolution.


There are currently 19 Orangetheory Fitness studios across the country using Zingle to connect with clients. Since each studio’s integration with Zingle, communication and customer relationships have been better than ever. Clients now have the flexibility to text trainers, coaches, and staff with their questions, garnering a “huge success rate on returned text messages from clients.”


Now that the new year deluged us with discounts and offers too good to pass up, signing up for that gym membership not only felt good, it was as easy as handing over your credit card. While becoming a member may have taken mere seconds, getting your derriere to lace up those sneakers and walk through the door will prove a more difficult feat.


The good news is, signing up for that shiny new gym membership isn’t the only easy thing. Coaches and trainers at Orangetheory Fitness have been using Zingle to keep their clients motivated, making it a breeze to send text messages regarding upcoming classes, schedule changes, and reminders, ensuring clients optimize their membership.


So the next time you’re thinking text messaging can’t whip you into shape, remember that the coaches and trainers at Orangetheory Fitness are ready to turn that keg into a six pack.


And dad bod was never really sexy, anyway.

We’re proud to call Orangetheory Fitness a customer. Learn more about how Zingle can help bring you closer together with your customers too.


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