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April 20, 2016

Fast Facebook F8 Conference Highlights – Zingle’s take

Facebook recently held their annual F8 Conference in San Francisco.  Zingle was invited to attend as well as participate in the event.  Overall, it was a total blast. We wanted to call out some of the amazing highlights.

Given that Facebook is a diversified company, there was a broad range of topics being discussed such as Facebook VR (as Mark Zuckerberg has recently bought VR company Oculous), internet connectivity and 360 video.  However, some of the most important topics were Messenger and Artificial Intelligence.

Messenger has 900 million monthly active users, making it a global top-ranking channel for consumers to message.  

As Mark Zuckerberg said, “We think you should message a business just the way you would message a friend.”

Screenshot_2016-04-19_13.54.51.pngAt F8, Zingle was showcased as a top company that Facebook is partnering with (pictured below).  Zingle has over 1,000 businesses using its messaging platform and is improving their customer communications and internal operations.  With the new Zingle-Facebook integrated product, businesses on Zingle now have even greater access to their customers. 

Artificial Intelligence was also a major highlight.  AI continues to move in a direction that benefits both businesses and consumers alike.  Facebook uses AI in various places, such as News Feed ordering and face recognition.  Zingle also benefits from AI, and uses AI in our Automations (Bots) and Messaging Intelligence technology for businesses to use.  In fact, Zingle has proudly been providing Bots to our customers and their customers since 2013.  AI is an area that Zingle started and will continue to invest in.

Overall, F8 was a strong event and we applaud Facebook for their contributions to the world of technology.  As one in a small set of companies that Facebook has chosen to partner with, Zingle is thrilled to launch our integrated Messenger product.

Since 2009, Zingle has been helping businesses and consumers communicate via messaging. By integrating with such widely used consumer messaging channels such as Messenger, the Zingle Platform is becoming a true all-in-one enterprise communication engine for businesses of all sizes.

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