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July 13, 2016

4 Tools Changing the Way Businesses Communicate

You text, chat, message and call each day to keep relationships alive and well, but do you ever think how some tools, apps and resources make it so easy—even to people across the world? I know that I do.

Fundamental changes to the way we communicate and stay in touch with both our professional and personal relationships have pushed the new wave of communicating to be cross channel and on-demand.

I am fascinated by the technology that rules my day-to-day, that’s why I pulled together the Zingle team to help shed some light on companies that have changed the way businesses communicate both internally and externally.

Asana: “Get out of your email inbox”

What it is: Asana all about reducing email, this big effort certainly qualifies them for changing communication.

Why business use it: Track projects from start to finish Responsibilities and next steps are clear, so you can shoot for the moon—and get there.

Benefits: They are changing the way teams stay organized by making work and projects less chaotic. With clarity, transparency and less friction they give organizations and teams the ability to focus on the details of the big picture

Snapchat: “The fastest way to share a moment”

What it is: Snapchat allows its users to share in the moment videos, photos and drawings that disappear after a few seconds. As an evolutionary social media app, it allows users to send highly personalized and private messages with objective oriented real time communication.

Why business use it: Business love Snapchat for many reasons but firstly, with 100 million daily active users and over 400 million snaps per day, Snapchat is the fastest-growing social networks—it has become a viral component of any business strategy.

Benefits: Businesses can rush to meet the consumer in the current age of casual communication and personalized, relevant content that is available for any audience. By offering content with a limited lifespan, it instantly becomes more valuable to the consumer and in turn the business wins if they do it well.

Slack: “Be less busy”

What it is: Slack is a communications platform that lets team members message one another, one-on-one or in groups. Even adding the flair of emoji’s and giphys—Slack hasn’t missed a beat.

Why business use it: Communication is the essential activity of the information economy, and keeping that communication efficient is the daily challenge for any business. Countless surveys have been done and as expected, employees report email and meetings as their biggest drains on productivity. 

Benefits: Slack helps businesses and teams aware of what’s going on in all sides of the business in order to either ask a question, keep top of mind, or for individuals to plan their own work around what was being done in other departments. If team members needs to send a simple message to each other or get lunch buddies, Slack is there to help.

Facebook Live: “Tell your story, your way”

What it is: Facebook Live is the best way to interact with viewers in real time. A live broadcast tool to reach new and current audiences in a new way.

Why business use it: Facebook Live brings a unique advantage to businesses, by letting businesses lets you broadcast and communicate in real-time, there is no longer a need for creating fancy videos with planned scripts, or hour of editing for the perfect end result. With Facebook Live, all you need to connect with your audience is the push of a button.

Benefits: The benefits of real time communication and content distribution are endless but a highlight of Facebook Live is that as the video is shooting, you see how many people are watching the content, as well as their names and as soon as it’s over, the video is automatically saved to your timeline which can be shared on any of the businesses other social media and informational channels.


In Conclusion

Whether it’s communicating internally to business teams or externally to customers and prospects, communication platforms to improve efficiency, engagement and knowledge sharing are showing up everywhere for any size business to take advantage of during their day-to-day. 

We are partial to business messaging and texting as a key communication tool, enabling quick, personalized business to customer communication. As an agile platform, Zingle is highly adoptable for any size business and industry. By incorporating text and messaging into your customer communication stack, your business can have the most organic conversations and keep customers loyal.


Interested in learning more about allowing your customers to text your business? Contact us! We are excited to show you our platform.


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