5 Ways Healthcare Providers Can Improve Communication & Boost Patient Engagement

5 Ways Healthcare Providers can Improve Patient Communication

It’s easier than ever for patients to feel frustrated and anxious when addressing health concerns and It’s no surprise that relieving those concerns and delivering the best care possible begins with clear patient communication.

But with increased call volume, and complexity around in-office visits, staying connected to patients is more complicated than ever. As a result, most medical practices are seeking solutions to help their staff ensure a better patient experience. 

Making sure your patients stay engaged and feel heard on their terms is not an impossible task. Modern approaches to communication, like secure patient messaging, are changing the game.

According to a recent report by Accenture, 60% of patients want to use technology more for communicating with healthcare providers and managing their care. And with the efficiencies created by a quick-deploy communication platform, office staff are making headway.

We’ve created a guide to outline 5 steps your office can take to improve communication and boost patient engagement. After reading, you’ll have a clearer picture of how these simple strategies will directly correlate with improved patient reviews and increased peer recommendations. 

Key takeaways from the guide:  

  • Engage Patients on Their Terms: How to inform and support patients in real time, throughout their journey
  • Ensure Patients Feel Heard: How to protect your brand reputation by listening to patients and capitalizing on positive reviews
  • Activate Your Employees: How to increase employee satisfaction and maximize the impact they have on your patients and your organization
  • Prioritize Service Recovery: How immediately routing feedback to the appropriate person can make a lasting impact for your patient.
  • Identify Root Causes – Not Just Symptoms: How connecting insights over the entire patient journey can identify the right opportunities for improvement


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