Free eBook: How Effective Customer Communication Can Help Brands Through Extraordinary Times

Graphic: Free eBook: How Effective Customer Communication Can Help Brands Through Extraordinary Times

Effective customer communication is a critical piece of being a successful business in any environment. Amidst a global pandemic, where a series of unpredictable events loom over all industries and society as a whole, maintaining effective communication is more important than ever. And in many respects, it’s harder than ever. 

As businesses face enormous spikes in incoming requests from customers looking for answers and solutions, teams are experiencing massive strains on resources and bandwidth. Not to mention the fact that many of these same organizations have had to transform their operations and become leaner to sustain both the health and economic crises brought on by COVID-19.

Research has shown that customers already have high expectations when it comes to customer service and communication. A recent study we commissioned found that 60% of American consumers won’t wait in line or on hold for more than 5 minutes to get an answer to a question, and 52% say they expect service issues resolved in under 15 minutes. 

When expectations aren’t met, 22% of respondents said they definitely would not return to the business and 55% would be less likely to. This level of impatience and the impact from it is felt across industries and it’s only being exacerbated by the unprecedented strain many organizations now face.

Modern and effective communication must be fast, personal and responsive. Before today, real-time communication was an opportunity for businesses to build deeper and longer lasting connections with customers. Now it is an imperative and the best path forward. 

Brands that can effectively communicate in real-time with customers and engage in two-way conversations will not only survive these extraordinary times, but thrive in the future.

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