The Hotelier’s Guide to Contactless Guest Experience

A graphic for the Hotelier's Guide to Contactless Guest Experience

While COVID-19 has forced every industry to make drastic shifts to their operations, few have been impacted to the degree hospitality has. Hotels across the country closed their doors or saw occupancy percentages plummet to single digits in March and April as fears and shelter-in-place restrictions limited travel and in-person interactions.

Many hotels across the country are now welcoming guests back in larger numbers and others are beginning to reopen, but the reality is the pandemic has not been forgotten. In order to keep employees and guests safe, hotels have introduced new health and sanitation standards and are working to find new ways to serve guests with less in-person interaction. 

The true story of how one hotel stayed open in the epicenter of the pandemic to serve frontline healthcare workers now provides a blueprint for the rest of hospitality. With the general manager’s quick and decisive actions and the use of contactless and real-time communication, the hotel was able to create an efficient and contactless guest experience that kept staff and guests safe,

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