New Research Exposes Hidden Service Risks, and Opportunities, for Hoteliers

Service Recovery Report for Hotels

CARLSBAD, CALIF – OCT. 17, 2019 – As hotel operators continue to search for ways to enhance the guest experiences they are providing, leading guest engagement messaging platform, Zingle, today announced results from the Zingle 2019 Guest Service Report. The new report looks at how guest expectations and effective service recovery impact the guest experience and drive business.

With entire guest experiences being defined in micro-moments, the need to understand guests’ views and expectations on the elements that underpin the guest experience, as well as how their decisions are shaped by the experiences of others, is more crucial than ever. To help hoteliers better understand guest expectations and behaviors, Zingle commissioned a research study to more than 1,100 respondents, weighted for the US consumer population by age and region. 

“There is nothing more important to the success of a hotel than the service it provides,” said Ford Blakely, CEO of Zingle. “Service teams shine brightest when issues arise and they take immediate action to ensure a good guest experience doesn’t turn into a bad one. However, our study found that guests do not report service issues as frequently as you might expect, which makes it impossible for service teams to do their jobs. It’s imperative for operators to recognize this and take the appropriate steps to prevent smaller service issues from becoming bigger problems for the property or brand.”

Highlights from the report include:

  • Only 25% of guests report any issue that impacts their guest experience
  • Nearly 50% of guests don’t report problems because there’s no easy way or they don’t like confrontation
  • More than 86% of travelers are willing to pay more for better service 
  • More than 50% of consumers say online reviews “greatly” impact purchase decisions
  • 42% of our respondents would return to a hotel if they were able to turn a poor experience into a positive one by solving the problem immediately

Download the full report and findings:

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