Special Report: New Study Illustrates Dramatic Shifts In Consumer Shopping Behavior

COVID-19 & the Future of Commerce special report

As states gradually reopen for business, a new report from Medallia Zingle — COVID-19 & the Future of Commerce — looks at the dramatic impact that COVID-19 has had on consumer views, behaviors and interactions. 

Not surprisingly, pervasive health and safety concerns have led to drastic overnight shifts in how people are interacting with businesses. And while alternatives such as curbside pickup have been widely adopted as a temporary solution to the concerns brought on by the pandemic, additional findings from the study show that COVID-19’s impact on consumer behavior is likely to be longer lasting. 

Highlights from COVID-19 & the Future of Commerce include:

  • 87% of consumers say they think brands should continue to offer options for things like curbside pickup that limit the need for in-person visits.
  • 79% of consumers say that going forward they will seek out information on the type of health and safety standards and processes businesses have in place before visiting them. 
  • 77% of consumers report that in the future the amount of in-person interaction required at a business will factor into their decision of whether or not they visit the business.
  • 43% of consumers say it would increase their likelihood of visiting a business if it were to proactively communicate its safety standards and processes.

Aside from illustrating how the crisis has reshaped the consumer mindset, the report also identifies new opportunities for how all types of businesses can better listen, communicate and serve their customers today and into the future. 

Download the COVID-19 & Future of Commerce Report and learn how consumer behavior has changed.

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