Visual Guide: Technology Helps Transform High Risk Interactions to Deliver the Future of Restaurants

Graphic for visual guide, Technology Transforms High Risk Interactions to Deliver Future of Restaurants

COVID-19 restrictions and protocols have accelerated the need to transition to real-time customer and staff communication. Ensuring safety along each step of the customer journey is the new imperative. Restaurants are reimagining their operations, introducing increased health and sanitation standards and seeking innovative ways to deliver unrivaled service while limiting face-to-face interactions. 

New research shows just how much consumer attitudes have changed and highlights the pervasive anxieties restaurants must overcome to deliver exceptional experiences:

77% of consumers say that in the future the amount of in-person interaction required at a business will factor into their decision of whether or not they visit the business. 

Medallia Zingle is playing a crucial role in allowing these restaurants and their teams to provide a superior in-restaurant dining experience for each customer, listen for feedback pulses across the customer journey, and take action, in the moment.

Power up to 80% of in-person dining experiences with almost no physical contact:

  • Remove non-essential interaction
  • Provide superior sense of safety
  • Deliver unrivaled guest experience


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