Help More Members Take Full Advantage of Their Membership

Elevating the Wellness Experience

Medallia Zingle’s intelligent text messaging platform integrates seamlessly with MindBody to help gyms, spas, salons, wellness and fitness centers grow with brand-differentiated service experiences. By leveraging data, automatic workflows and two-way messaging, Zingle empowers your team to streamline communication and easily create meaningful interactions throughout the entire customer journey.

“Hands down, Zingle has had the biggest impact on our customer growth and loyalty. It has been a key factor in our new location getting off the ground as quickly as it has.”

Franchise Owner, Rush Cycle San Marcos

Identify And Nurture Members At Risk Of Cancelling

Automatically identify members with low attendance and send them class schedules, goal reminders or even a simple “Hey, where have you been?” note.
  • Offer free classes or discounted programs
  • Send personal messages on birthdays and other notable events
  • Alert staff of cancellation risks the moment they arise
  • Escalate customer service issues and route messages to the right team member

Recover Expired Credit Cards And Missed Payments

Maximize lifetime member value by addressing failed payments the moment they enter your system. No more making uncomfortable calls and wasting staff time.
  • Build automations with custom incentives for updating account information
  • Make updating credit card information fast and easy
  • Escalate to staff when members have account questions

Fill More Classes And Seminars

Help your members get the most out of their membership with timely promotions, reminders and cancellation notices powered by data from your existing membership management software.
  • Segment members based on class interest and preferred times
  • Process signups and cancelations automatically
  • Route messages to the appropriate instructor

Convert Leads Into Paying Members And Clients

Respond to lead inquiries at their peak moment of interest with custom communication workflows easily created with our simple user interface and automation engine. (Read Rush Cycle Case Study)

  • Improve conversion by responding quickly around the clock
  • Engage leads more personally and build relationships that last
  • Use AI to identify complex requests and escalate to right staff
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