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June 24, 2015

HITEC 2015: Technologies Growing Guest Satisfaction & Revenue

HITEC, the world’s largest hospitality technology show, has completed another successful and exciting conference for 2015. Held in Austin, Texas, the event includes everything from exhibitors, breakout sessions, keynote speakers, numerous tech talks, and even a space set aside for graduate students and professors to showcase their research.

“It was great to see all our customers and partners at HITEC. The show was all about the mobile movement – which is exciting to see all the hotels embracing quick actionable guest attention.”
– Ford Blakely, CEO & Founder, Zingle

Not only is the technology at this show innovative and experience changing for the industry, but for business technology as a whole. Everything from smartphone activated room locks, to gamification elements in PMS for employees, to software allowing guests to text their hotel for anything they need before, during and after their stay.

Once hotels are able to solve for things like saving guests & staff time, creating customer loyalty and capturing the reviews they need, the technology needed to do so then becomes invaluable to this competitive industry. The truth is, hotel guests and consumers in all industries will no longer tolerate being put on hold, waiting in long lines, or any delay in getting the answer to their questions or requests. Technology is helping hotels in particular to keep up with the on-demand, need-it-now mindset of travelers and consumers in 2015 and beyond. This show exposes the most successful as well as the most cutting-edge products out there today.

HITEC_Newmarket_ZinglePhoto of Zingle Partner Newmarket’s Booth at HITEC 2015

Properties using technology are also looking for ways to extend the sales window. Ways to engage with their guests possibly resulting in getting a dinner reservation on-property for instance, and other revenue-generating services that may come as an addition to a guests’ stay. If hotels can keep the guest happy through technology to communicate directly, knowing about property services and offerings, this also improves guest satisfaction — the ultimate goal. With improved guest satisfaction comes better online reviews, repeat business, more new business, and better RevPAR for hotels (Thanks to J.D. Power for providing this great study).

“A top theme from companies at HITEC was the need to better leverage technology to keep up with guests’ quickly rising expectations of on-demand and immediate service.  HITEC was a great event and the excitement around Zingle’s innovative guest text messaging platform was inspiring.”
– Erik Suhonen, VP, Marketing & Product, Zingle

One solution to address many of these priorities with technology is Zingle. Zingle is a universal technology platform for business texting with your guests. It comes with intelligent workflows, seamless  integrations for an existing PMS as well as actionable analytics to monitor guest satisfaction & customer experience. For any business, the chance to eliminate tools or time spent in an operations process is worth consideration, and Zingle provides the most effective communication for doing so. The HITEC audience was very excited about the concept and the demonstrations, as it is still new and growing concept with the hospitality industry.

There are key interactions believed to be a successful practice along with the Zingle texting service. They include: room queuing, welcome text, service and amenity information/access, and check-out/ survey access. Along with J.D. Power’s study, 4+ interactions has helped hotels reach their satisfaction and revenue goals.

At the end of the day and the stay, the education and technologies surrounding  HITEC are some of the fastest-growing trends in guest servicing, ultimately working toward improving hotels’ guest satisfaction and business’ revenue. From graduate students up through successful company owners & founders, all concepts and thoughts come about to help all sizes and styles of hotels throughout the world. While not all widely accepted or lasting, finding the next big thing is sure to be very close to this event.

Through Zingle, online ratings are improved and more time is saved by the staff and the guest — no other form of communication or technology can compete. Move aside voicemail and email, texting is officially taking over the next wave of the most efficient communication available.  

Make your hotel mobile-friendly with Zingle!

Check back with the Zingle Blog for industry updates, technology trends, and more. See here for more information on these companies & products: Zingle, Newmarket, HotSOS

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