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November 19, 2014

Hook Me Up (to T-Mobile®) Before You gogo®, & Text from Anywhere.


Why should you have to forfeit great cell service or customer experiences just because you’re a few miles up in the air? These days, the truth is, there’s no reason at all. And one company is making sure the sky’s the limit when it comes to giving you great service even at cruising altitude. T-Mobile is the first major cell provider to offer a package of free in-flight mobile services, including texting, picture messaging, and access to T-Mobile Visual Voicemail. It’s part of a brand new, exclusive partnership with gogo® – and it’s only available to T-Mobile customers.


Nothing says great customer service like the word “free.” The new T-Mobile/gogo partnership allows air travelers to stay in touch & stay connected  with their world as if they were still on the ground without having to pay extra costs like everyone else. Of course, customers must be flying on a gogo-equipped airline and have a gogo-ready device with updated software and a valid E911 address on file with T-Mobile. (On iPhones, both the sender and the receiver must turn on “Send As SMS”). Not a huge customer service hurdle, but vital to this specific setup.

Once the traveler is on board they can turn on their Wi-Fi and open their browser. Then they just click the T-Mobile banner on the gogo pop-up for free access.

Being the first to offer free in-flight service gives T-Mobile the psychological advantage when it comes to drawing new customers and keeping existing ones. Even though other providers are sure to follow suit in some way or another, T-Mobile is establishing itself as the leader of the pack. That spells customer loyalty from those already using the service and interest from those who are not. A great way to keep growing an empire.

Now you can text Mom updates from above the Grand Canyon, or under delays from your very seat and stay connected.

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