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November 28, 2017

How Car Dealerships Can Use Text Messaging to Improve the Car Buying Experience

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Car dealerships face an extreme amount of competition as they are often competing with not just other branded dealerships, but also competing with dealerships within the same brand.

Today’s car shoppers are savvier than ever and have a world of information at their fingertips as 83% of car shoppers do research online before contacting a dealership.

Car buyers dislike talking with salespeople, as research shows that “Dealing with Salespeople” is the top frustration when shopping for a car.

To avoid annoying potential customers, many car dealerships have adopted text messaging to engage leads and customers throughout the car buying journey.

Why text messaging?

Text messaging is a fast and convenient way for car dealerships to engage leads and current customers.

Research also shows that car shoppers want to text as a J.D. Power 2017 U.S. Customer Service Index Study indicated that 41% of Gen Y and Gen X customers prefer texting as a way to communicate with dealerships.

Texting has several benefits that other channels simply cannot provide. These benefits include:

Real-time communication: Texting allows the dealership to have two-way conversations with dealerships in real time, meaning the information given is up to date, especially when talking about inventory availability.

Faster customer service: Nobody likes to wait on hold. Texting eliminates the need to put customers on hold as customer service staff can answer multiple requests simultaneously and provide faster service.

Easy to use: Since practically everyone has a cellphone on them at all times, texting provides a low friction way to engage without the need for WIFI or email access.

Ways to use text messaging for your car dealership

There are many ways to integrate text messaging into your dealership to improve lead engagement and customer loyalty as well as increase service revenue opportunities.

Your dealership can use texting for:

  • Directions to dealership
  • Car information and pictures
  • Schedule a test drive
  • Schedule service appointment
  • Service reminder and completion notifications
  • Thank you messages
  • Text promotions to drive foot traffic to dealership
  • Customer satisfaction surveys

Car dealerships that have been using text messaging have seen a customer satisfaction score improvement of up to 11%, all within five months of using text messaging. This validation shows that customers have a better experience when communicating via text.

Allowing leads and customers to engage your dealership through text messaging expands your reach while helping to provide a more painless car buying experience.
If you need more guidance on how texting can work for your dealership, let’s chat!

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