How Hotels Use Text Messaging to Improve TripAdvisor Ratings

How Hotels Use Text Messaging to Improve TripAdvisor Ratings

It’s a known fact that TripAdvisor has a major influence when it comes to hotel bookings.

One of the most common challenges that I hear from our sales and customer calls is the ability (or inability) to increase and improve TripAdvisor ratings. If your hotel delivers an exceptional experience, your guests will leave a review on TripAdvisor, right? Wrong!

Maybe like the other hoteliers I’ve talked to, you try encouraging guests to leave a review by handing them feedback cards that get thrown in the trash or sending post-stay emails that get ignored.

Because this is such a common problem for hotels, I wanted to share how our hotel clients are using text messaging to increase TripAdvisor ratings and guest feedback.

First, it’s important to know that there are two key elements when it comes to getting more feedback from your guests:



If you think about traditional ways that hotels incite guest feedback like the feedback card, which has a high level of effort, or a post-stay email, which is too late.

Take a look at the example below.

Tripadvisor review card

If I was a guest, this would be in the trash or left behind. I’m not going to remember to leave a review when I get home. Also, there are too many steps like going to the site, creating an account, search for the hotel name, then leave a review.

Text messaging is the only channel that enables hotels to engage guests with real-time feedback surveys with the least level of effort possible. It provides a way for hotels to interact with guests when needed throughout the entire stay.

Engage guests during stay

Knowing how your guests feel during the stay can be the difference between a one-star and a five-star review.

Many of our clients are using text messaging to schedule and send out mid-stay surveys to guests based on their check-in date.

By checking in with guests mid-stay, you make them feel special and when done right, it almost feels like your friend is checking to see how you’re doing. It allows your staff to identify and resolve any issues your guests may have and instantly resolve it so they can turn a poor experience into a positive one.

Turning feedback into reviews

Zingle text messaging feeback survey

Now that you know how enabling text messaging to engage guests during their stay can help deliver better experiences. Let’s now talk about how those positive experiences can turn into better TripAdvisor ratings.

By working with a guest text messaging provider who has a partnership with TripAdvisor, you can automate this entire process easier and make the review process seamless and effortless for your guests.

Let me explain what I mean.

It’s checkout time, whether your guest’s checkout through the front desk or just simply leave the key in the room you can schedule an end-of-stay feedback survey via text message based on the guest’s check-out date and time to engage them while their memory is still fresh.

Here is the best part!

If a guest responds negatively to a feedback survey, a notification can be sent to the manager on duty and he or she can respond immediately and find out why they responded negatively. Again, this gives the staff a chance to fix any issues and complaints guests have before they leave your hotel and post a negative review. However, a TripAdvisor review link should still be provided to that guest in order to follow their policies.

If a guest responds positively to a feedback survey, they will receive another message with a link to leave a TripAdvisor review without the need for them to log in or create an account! That’s the definition of timely and convenient.

Here is a visualization of the process.

Zingle Business Text Messaging TripAdvisor

As you can see, the convenience and immediacy of text messaging have great potential for hotels to improve service recovery while boosting positive reviews and overall brand reputation.

The proof is in the reviews.

Zingle Review
Guest Text Review

To learn more about the Zingle & TripAdvisor Integration, chat with a strategy consultant today.

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