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November 2, 2017

How to Get More Feedback from Your Customers Through Text Messaging

Feedback from Your Customers Through Text Messaging

Customer feedback is arguably the most important piece of data for any business.

Knowing how your customers feel about your brand and their experience associated with it can help improve many aspects of your business including customer service, internal processes and the product or service that you provide.

The importance of keeping existing customers is clear, as a study by Invespcro found that repeat buyers spend 33% more than new ones, and just 20% of existing customers account for 80% of a company’s profits.

However, getting feedback from customers may be a challenge, as businesses only hear from 4% of its dissatisfied customers.

Yet, 98% of customers share their bad experiences with people they know. What’s the disconnect?

Why don’t customer like to give feedback to businesses?

Time is the most valuable thing a person has. Consumers today simply don’t have the time or don’t want to take the time to give feedback to businesses because they already have their own priorities to manage.

Some possible reasons why customers don’t give feedback could be:

Intruding on current task: This is one you have probably have seen a lot – you’re browsing through a website and, suddenly, a survey pops up telling you to answer some questions. Asking for feedback in this fashion is incredibly annoying and showcases that your business doesn’t care what the visitor is doing.

The survey is too long: To get feedback from your customers, you must make it as easy as possible. Asking long-form questions with free text answers will surely turn customers away from completing your survey. Again, nobody has the time or wants to put that much effort into a survey, unless you’re paying them.

Not the right time: To get the most useful answers from customer surveys, you need to send it as close to the time of interaction as possible. Sending an email or calling a customer to get feedback when too much time has passed will reduce your chances of getting feedback, as well as accurate feedback.

Friction is too high: Your customers will most likely not give you feedback if you ask for too much effort. Sending a feedback survey via email doesn’t seem like too much effort on your customers, but it is. Think about the average person checking their email, they are either looking for business-related or personal emails that are more important to them.

Even if they see your survey email, they will most likely not respond to it right away…then it’s lost forever. Don’t even think about calling your customers for feedback. It’s never the right time and it’s really annoying.

How to get more customer feedback through text messaging.

Text messaging is a more effective way for businesses to get customer feedback for many reasons as it provides the convenience, speed and personal touch every customer demands.
Sending customer satisfaction surveys through text messaging can solve the issues stated above to help increase feedback response rates.

Zingle customers have seen an average 10% response rate with text message surveys compared to the industry average survey response rate of less than 2%. They have also seen a completion rate for text message surveys around 89% compared to the 78% industry average.

Here are some ways text messaging can improve the effectiveness of your customer feedback surveys:

Getting feedback at the right time: Business texting solutions have gotten smarter over the years and with automation capabilities, businesses have eliminated the need to send out surveys manually. With texting automation, certain interactions such as a purchase from a store or check-in/check-out at a hotel can trigger a survey. By automating the survey right after the customer interaction, it increases the likelihood of a response as the memory is still fresh.

Reducing friction to give feedback: Texting is all about quick and straight to the point messages. By sending a survey via text message, you reduce the level of effort by allowing customers to provide short and quick feedback such as a 1-10 rating or one-word answers.

Responding to feedback in real time: Another great thing about text messaging is that it is a non-intrusive two-way communication channel. When a customer gives you a bad rating, it allows you to quickly act on it by responding to their feedback and solving any outstanding issues that the customers had with their experience with your business. This provides the personal touch that customers expect and lets them know you care about their feedback and will quickly act on it.

Creating happier customers starts with knowing what makes them happy. Not all customers will give you feedback, but you can increase your chances by removing any potential obstacles that may prevent your customers from giving feedback as well as experimenting with new channels such as text messaging to expand your reach.

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