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February 7, 2017

How To Use Text Messaging to Save More and Hire Less

David Wang

MONEY IS TIGHT. And unless you’re a fully vested startup in Silicon Valley, having enough staff to cover every need of your business is a luxury.


If you’re like me, you probably envision the majority of business owners as Tesla driving, Apple watch wearing, persons with deep pockets. And we’d both be wrong. Not just because the most commonly owned vehicle in Silicon Valley is a Civic, but because the average small business owner pulls in less than 70k annually. And on top of that, 15 percent work a second job.


So what does having a smaller stream of revenue have to do with business texting?


A lot if you want to save money.


photo credit: fifasoccerblog


Adding a text messaging platform to your small business can essentially fill the role of multiple employees, keeping more money in your pocket, while still meeting the demands of your business. Toronto-based company, Chronic Ink, reduced their workforce overhead from 80 hours to 24 hours a week after implementing Zingle with their tattoo shop.


Texting allows your team to assist multiple customers simultaneously, unlike answering phone calls. With text messaging, there’s no placing customers on hold. There’s no phone tag. And there’s no “now’s not a good time.” If your customer service is solely phone-centric, your business could be overstaffing just to keep up with demands.


Integrating text messaging into your business has the power to increase efficiency within your current staff without the need to increase hiring.


For the majority of small businesses, overstaffing is a pipedream. Many are competing with larger companies who have the funds to employ staff around the clock. Fortunately things have changed. Now for a fraction of the cost of employing a meatier staff, automated text messages can keep your company from losing business to your competitors.


Once set-up and customized to fit your customer’s needs, automated text messages fundamentally operate as your 24/7 employee. When a customer texts your business with specific keywords such as “office hours,” an automated response is sent to their phone with… you guessed it, your office hours.

Since automated text messages effectively respond to your customers even when there’s no one in the office, your business not only saves money, it stays competitive. Welcome to the present.

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