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December 6, 2017

Infographic: Integrating Text Messaging Into the Entire Hotel Guest Experience

David Wang

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The hotel guest experience relies heavily on providing extraordinary service. If you don’t go above and beyond to deliver a memorable experience for each guest, they most likely won’t return.

Effective communication is a crucial part of the guest experience and enabling a fast and easy method like text messaging can enhance the experience, even before guests enters your hotel.

This infographic shows examples of different ways hotels can integrate text messaging to provide exceptional service throughout the entire guest experience.

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Even before your guests walk into your door, you can engage them with a welcome message along with information that can make their arrival easier and more pleasant.


During the check-in process, let your guests know that they can text message for any questions or service request the need. Hotels often provide a card with their text number along with the room key envelope for guests to easily access.


Whether your guests are out and about sightseeing, relaxing by the pool or just simply lounging in their room, text messaging makes the stay more pleasant and personalized.


On check-out day, engage with your guests via text by making sure they were fully happy with the entire experience as well as provide any assistance for transportation or other needs.

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