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December 12, 2017

Introducing Zingle 5.0

David Wang

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Our goal here at Zingle is to help businesses create better relationships with their customers. We recognized that consumers wanted to have a faster and easier way to communicate with businesses and intelligent messaging is the solution for better customer experiences.

We listened to the market and our customers on how we can take Zingle to the next level and provide an even better messaging experience for both businesses and consumers.

Introducing Zingle 5.0

In our latest version of Zingle, we elevated our platform in three main ways.

1) Sophisticated Message Automation:

We developed more sophisticated message automation (we call Zings) that help streamline communication. The goal of Zings is to help businesses automate messages and responses to customers without manual work. Some Zing examples include automated appointment reminders, surveys, escalations and much more. Learn more about Zings.

2) New User Interface:

Through much usability testing, we’ve enhanced our interface to be even easier to navigate and use including the addition of intelligent customer segmentation and tagging capabilities.

3) Free Trial for Everyone:

We are so excited about our new updates that we want everyone to try it for free. We opened our platform for any business to try with our no obligation free trial. This will give businesses a taste of what Zingle can do to support better customer communication and see how much their customers will love it. Our free trial enables businesses to test drive all Zingle’s features without limitations to truly see what Zingle is all about.

Our goal for these enhancements is to help businesses create better engagement with their customers while improving operational and communication workflows that impact the bottom line.

We truly have some of the best and brightest minds in the industry and to show our appreciation, we celebrated with a space-themed launch party and create a product launch page on Product Hunt.

Show us some love and check out our Product Hunt Page.



We have a lot of other great things cooking up in the kitchen for 2018 so stay tuned.

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