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November 12, 2014

Life Skills, Horse Thrills & Customer Loyalty at Silver Horse Ranch

David Wang

photodune-1145166-horseback-riding-in-the-sunflowers-mSooz Dixon of Bend, Oregon, compliments Silver Horse Ranch owner and riding instructor Sarah Resor for running a riding camp that delivers great customer service to kids and parents alike.

She notes that Sarah and her staff turned her girls into confident, strong and capable riders within one week. Each camper is assigned her own horse on Monday, and as she proves herself a respectful rider and caretaker provide her with responsibilities and activities with the horse each day. The kids learn how to groom the horse, lead the horse and mount/dismount. They even get to dress up the horse for an end-of-camp horse show!

But it was Sarah’s ability to bond with the kids on a deeper level – getting to know each rider and their parents and gaining everyone’s trust – that allowed her to teach them horsemanship skills such as walking, trotting, backing up and trail riding within just a few days. The 2:1 camper to staff ratio also ensured an excellent level of safety and attention for each rider, Sooz notes. This made for better customer experiences.

What we see here is that because she built rapport with each of her riders, and as Sarah gained their trust, it allowed her to challenge them and accelerate their progress. This helped the kids learn how to take risks with the horses and get outside their comfort zone – skills that will serve them well in other areas of life.

Sarah’s superior customer service stems from the fact that she is clearly doing something she loves and takes the time to connect with each of her little clients, therefore building trust and rapport with each family. The kids leave with a feeling of triumphant confidence, mastering skills that would have terrified them had they not trusted their teacher.

We checked with the ranch itself and found out that because the kids had a great experience they claim to come back every summer and roughly 80 percent of the campers are returning customers – and they are nearly full by the time summer rolls around.

The lesson here is that personal, caring service means repeat business and growth. Customer loyalty CAN go as far as some people say.

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