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September 23, 2014

Massaging a Problem the Right Way for a Better Customer Experience

David Wang

A fellow named Jeff Diamond sent us a great example of how reacting well to a customer experience complaint can ultimately reverse any damage done by an earlier problem.

Diamond and his girlfriend recently visited the Zama Massage Therapeutic Spa in Portland, Oregon. A seasoned veteran of the fine art of receiving a massage, Diamond was less than wowed by the service he received on this particular day. “The therapist gave me the most superficial, non-deep tissue massage ever. I didn’t want to be too forceful or complaining so I asked her a couple times to go deeper and then, when she didn’t, I let it go. But the whole thing was $80 plus tip.”

It was such a tough customer experience, he says, that when he got home…

 he wrote an email to the spa describing his experience – something he’d never done before. “I get a lot of massages and I’m not a complainer. Even if it’s a little less than ballpark I will let it go. But what got me is that she just didn’t seem to care.”

photodune-1397986-spa-lHe figured he would just write the email and get it out of his system and be done with it. But much to his surprise, the owner of the spa called him right back. She said she appreciated his nicely composed letter and wanted to apologize for the experience. She explained that they had had some issues with the therapist, who on that particular day was subbing for a main therapist who couldn’t make it in. Now THAT, is responsive customer service.

The spa owner put a credit for a 90-minute massage into the computer system at the front desk and told him he could make an appointment to use it any time.

The response turned Diamond from an unhappy customer into a happy one and he says he will not only accept the kind offer but will likely go back after that. He’s also spreading the word about the responsive care he received from the spa owner.
“I was blown away,” he says.

The lesson here: Responding quickly and effectively to complaints might cost you a little in the short run but in the long run it will pay big in terms of good PR (and lack of bad PR) and repeat business.

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