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March 8, 2016

Meet The Zingle Team – Q&A w/ David Peace – Chief Technology Officer

In our second post of our blog series about our team, next up is David Peace, Zingle’s CTO. As somebody that has been with Zingle and is very seasoned with our product & markets, we are stoked to get some of his words & wisdom shared!  (read more below)

Our topic for David is, “The Massive Growth of Technology.”

We asked: 

We say “massive growth”. So to begin, what technologies do you use the most to help you while at work & why?

  • As an agile software business, we’ve heavily invested in the Atlassian ecosystem.  The amount of power and flexibility their suite of tools gives our business is massive.  From JIRA and Bamboo on the development side, to Confluence for the company as a whole; these tools just provide us a lot of value.

What technologies do you love to use outside of work?

  • As you can imagine, we are big on technology at the Peace house.  It’s all about adding modern conveniences to the home.  From products like Amazon Echo, to the touchscreen installed in our shower; it’s a good thing my wife is so patient with my ideas.  Let’s just say, our power bill is a bit higher than the neighbors, especially with our yearly synchronized Christmas light show.
    (you have to watch that!)

We asked:
When being a consumer yourself is there an experience you had using technology that stuck out for you? Any good stories?

  • It comes down to this for me: excellent customer service.  That’s it.  Make the customer a VIP, and you have a customer for life.  Treat them bad, and your business suffers.  When I experience good customer service, it’s truly a shame that it feels different, almost unexpected.  For me, a business’ product is almost secondary to how I’m treated by them.  That’s why I’m a die-hard USAA fan.  It’s a different experience with them, every interaction is downright pleasant and fast.

We asked: Everyone at Zingle has confidence in our product and company. What are your favorite things about our product?

  • We’re seeing a massive shift in communication habits around the world.  The way businesses communicate with their customers must adapt to these changes.  We at Zingle saw this shift coming years ago, and were first to market with a messaging agnostic platform.  Now we have this product that doesn’t put the business in a box on how they must communicate with their customer.  Instead, the customer themselves choose how they want to communicate with the business.  Everyone already has their own preferred method to communicate with their friends and family, and they want that same experience when talking to a business.
    Fast, direct and personal.  For the business using the Zingle platform, all messages from every source filter through the same interface, and is completely seamless to them.  This is the future, and why Zingle is such a great fit for such a wide variety of businesses.

We asked:
What are your favorite things about working for Zingle?  

  • Everyone is passionate about their role at Zingle.  We have a group of highly intelligent, and dedicated people on staff.  It makes it extremely fun to come to the office and collaborate; not to mention that everyone is very graceful when they lose to me at foosball, especially Ford.

We asked:
If you had one prediction for what is going to be the next big technology, what do you think will be big and blow up in 2016?

  • In a nutshell, electricity; cars, solar panels, storage, you name it.  I am really excited to see the next advances in energy storage, and how it will change not only the way we drive, but the way we live at home.  I believe in the next couple years we will experience massive disruption to the current energy status-quo.  I’m looking at you Elon!

We asked:
Any parting words about technology in the business world?

  • I’m always excited for what’s next; I don’t like reinventing the wheel.  Technology is fast moving, so I’m always interested in new products and solutions that Zingle can harness, to help our business customers be more successful.   For me, Zingle achieves true success, when we make businesses successful, by giving their customers a true VIP experience.

Technology plays a role in millions of consumers’ personal daily lives. How big a role is varied between individuals, but it starts with personal cell phones in our culture.

(SoftwareAdvice, 2015)

That’s a huge number. Starting with mobile, technology is now assisting people in any way they choose. Curated news, work access, messaging & communications, you name it – at your fingertips anywhere. There is a huge #MobileMovement happening, across all devices. Businesses & consumers alike are now adjusting their personal and professional lives based upon these impressive facts.

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