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June 29, 2016

Meet The Zingle Team – Q&A w/ Erika Montanez, Technical Support Specialist

David Wang

Do you have a go-to person you can always ask technology questions? We’re lucky at Zingle to have more than one of these go-to’s, and Erika Montanez is one of them. While Zingle calls San Diego home and is headquartered here, Erika is “live from New York!” every day on the job. We count on her to take care of anything we need in the early hours just about any day you need it… (read more below)

We say “massive growth” in our blog title. What technologies do you use the most to help you while at work & why? Are there any more technologies you love to use outside of work?

  • As someone who’s always working remotely, Salesforce and Slack are both incredibly helpful and important to stay connected and in sync with the rest of the team. They make keeping track of our progress and day-to-day tasks much simpler. Salesforce especially allows me to follow any communication and contact with our customers closely.

  • Living in New York, I absolutely love and rely on Google Maps, using my smartphone to get anywhere! With its integration with the subway and other transit systems, and live traffic updates all in one app, it’s basically a must-have to leave the apartment. I enjoy saving new spots that I visit or discover, and being able to find them again on any connected device. I also enjoy easily sharing interesting locations with friends and family, with exact locations and detailed info.

When being a consumer yourself is there an experience you had using technology that stuck out for you? Any good stories?

  • When it comes to shopping or making any kind of purchasing decision, I usually feel the need to have as much information available as possible, and a smartphone has taken that to a whole new level.  With a host of apps that let me check product or store reviews, if they have what I’m looking for, or what their customer service is like, I can have all the information I need in just a few minutes. Being able to this research on the go is essential for me, whether it’s a big purchase or a new gadget I come across. I even love doing so for friends and family, giving them advice on what they should or shouldn’t get. I guess that comes from my customer service background and wanting to offer the best advice.

Do you Tweet? Post? Use LinkedIn?

  • I use each social media platform a bit differently, relying on Facebook mostly to stay connected with friends and knowing what they’re up to, as well as finding or sharing events. Instagram is more of an artistic medium for me, where I either share content or discover new photographers, as photography has become a growing passion. I also tweet from time to time, although I mostly re-tweet interesting or funny tidbits from the twitterverse. Professionally, they’re all very useful to track different brands and companies’ use of social media, and how they connect with their customers.

Everyone at Zingle has confidence in our product and company. What are your favorite things about the product?

  • Having done a few demos with customers, I would say my favorite thing about Zingle is how simple it is to use, and at the same time how many features it has to offer. We have a spectrum of customers from small food shops to enterprise level operations, and it’s very rewarding to hear from each group how easy it is to start using Zingle, and once they get more in-depth, how many options and features the software has to offer. With Automations, Escalations and third-party integrations, there are just so many ways to customize the platform to do exactly what they need.

What are you favorite things about working for Zingle?

  • I’m probably not the only one to say it, but the team is absolutely my favorite. Being a small group, we all sometimes get to wear different hats, and it’s been such a rewarding experience to see what each of us brings to the table to make the product and company that we have today. And as our founder says, we have to be a bit scrappy sometimes! 

If you had one prediction for what is going to be the next big technology, what do you think will be big and blow up in 2016?

  • There are so many incredible new technologies and developments this year alone, that it can be hard to choose one and say ‘this will be it’. But I’m excited to see what happens with virtual reality and the way Facebook, Google and other tech giants are encouraging content creators to do more with this new medium through social media. Live and 360-degree video on Facebook are other exciting technologies which I think could also be game-changers for how people receive news and media content. Especially since it is all so easily available from mobile phones and apps, which most of us have nowadays. 

Any last parting words about technology in the business world? 

  • I think we’ve seen a huge shift with more and more companies realizing that how they communicate with their customers over social media can be extremely important, and effective if done correctly. I think their presence on mobile-friendly platforms, including mobile messaging, will be a big factor that will continue this trend.

Technology plays a role in millions of consumers’ personal daily lives. How big a role is varied between individuals, but it starts with personal cell phones in our every day on-demand culture.

(SoftwareAdvice, 2015)

That’s a huge number. Starting with mobile, technology is now assisting people in any way they choose. Curated news, work access, messaging & communications, you name it – at your fingertips anywhere. There is a huge #MobileMovement happening, across all devices. Businesses & consumers alike are now adjusting their personal and professional lives based upon these impressive facts.

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