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May 3, 2016

Meet The Zingle Team – Q&A w/ Jon Anderson, Customer Support Manager

Blog world, meet the man behind the “anything you need” for customers at Zingle since we began, Jon Anderson. If you know our Zingle story (born from our founder trying to get his coffee faster), then you’ll be excited to hear that Jon is the original barista serving faster coffee… Zingle style. With Zingle since the beginning as our first employee, we are excited to hear from Jon in our blog series.. (read more below)

We say “massive growth” in our blog title. What technologies do you use the most to help you while at work & why? Are there any more technologies you love to use outside of work?

  • In Support we are always looking for the easiest and most scale-able way for our customers to reach us and provide solutions and answers in a way where we can measure metrics to improve the customer’s experience, provide self-help resources. integrates with our CRM, SalesForce, allowing us to do just this and provide visibility to the rest of the team on customer inquiries and cases. The Desk app allows us to use it remotely, and we’re looking to add the chat feature as our team grows.
  • Outside of work, I love my music. I’ve had Pandora for years, and I think I have a station for every mood or event. From relaxing lounge to a pumped running mix. I’m always listening to something or exploring new genres. 

    For my commute to/from the office I use Waze to see traffic conditions, and if taking the train to work, I use the North County Transit District’s app to purchase my ticket and see their schedule updates on Twitter in case of delays. It all comes down to timing and trying to predict the unpredictable…weather and traffic.

    I also track my running and daily activity, heart rate, and sleep on my S Health app. The app, paired with the Samsung Gear watch, makes it easier than ever to track and challenge myself.

When being a consumer yourself is there an experience you had using technology that stuck out for you? Any good stories?

  • Just the same way Zingle started, I hate to wait. We’re all looking for ways to be the most efficient in our daily routine, and my phone has given me the ability to control it all…it’s kind of creepy and exciting all at the same time. I use to dread shopping at the holidays, paying bills, and knowing what was written on the calendar at home so I could make and remember plans. I love that my weekend mornings are not spent writing checks, running errands, or figuring out the next week’s plans and trips. I can pretty much get this done in 10 minutes and be out the door before my phone suggests getting some exercise!

  • One of my favorite experiences with technology was showing my 96 year old great aunt what I can do on my phone. It’s an awesome experience to discuss technology over a lifetime like hers, the things we take for granted, and new found appreciations.

Do you Tweet? Post? Use LinkedIn?

    • I mostly use Facebook to stay up on events (music, runs, hikes, and local happenings), news, and of course family and friends. My Instagram is pretty much just my life with my pup, art, hiking, and camping…inspiration and adventure.

Everyone at Zingle has confidence in our product and company. What are your favorite things about the product?

      • Working in Support we get a lot of questions and see a lot of use cases. It’s always exciting to work with a customer and help them tailor their service to be efficient, engaging and accomplish more than they were expecting! There have been so many new use cases and it’s really interesting to see how others take advantage of all we offer and find new ways to use our service! There are so many possibilities with the communication platform Zingle has developed!

What are you favorite things about working for Zingle?

    • We have such a team of motivated passionate individuals that come from so many different backgrounds. I have learned an incredible amount over the past 7 years growing with Zingle. Working for a start up draws a different group of people that incredibly passionate and creative. It is constantly exciting around here!

If you had one prediction for what is going to be the next big technology, what do you think will be big and blow up in 2016?

    • There was a short article in the Washington Post about technologies that will define 2016, and I think it was pretty spot on. The thought of Artificial Intelligence being applied to our everyday activities is very exciting. We see it in apps, security and safety in cars and electronics, marketing, voice and facial recognition. It can be applied in so many ways. This, paired with the Internet, will lead to shared information between devices like appliances and other electronics. In a recent interview with Dennis Mortensen, of, he believes that apps will be replaced with “…a set of intelligent agents that assist you in all these jobs that you have.”

Technology plays a role in millions of consumers’ personal daily lives. How big a role is varied between individuals, but it starts with personal cell phones in our every day on-demand culture.

(SoftwareAdvice, 2015)

That’s a huge number. Starting with mobile, technology is now assisting people in any way they choose. Curated news, work access, messaging & communications, you name it – at your fingertips anywhere. There is a huge #MobileMovement happening, across all devices. Businesses & consumers alike are now adjusting their personal and professional lives based upon these impressive facts.

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