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March 22, 2016

Meet The Zingle Team – Q&A w/ Karen Dillen – Senior Implementation Consultant

In our next post of our blog series about our team, we talk to Karen Dillen. Karen is Zingle’s Senior Implementation Consultant, and has been with Zingle for just over 6 years. As somebody that has been so in touch with our customers for so long, we wanted to speak to Karen about all of her experiences using technology for solving daily work & personal task management & more! (read more below)

Our topic for Karen is, “The Massive Growth of Technology.”

We asked: We say “massive growth”. So to begin, what technologies do you use the most to help you while at work & why?

  • I use Cirrus Insight to help me connect my email account with our CRM solution, SalesForce, which allows me to do 90% of my work in my email inbox and automatically saves my work in multiple places.
    I also use web-based screen share tools like and GoToMeeting since I spend a significant amount of my time consulting with and training our customers remotely. The online meeting format works perfectly since The Zingle Messaging Platform is so easy to learn and can be accessed from anywhere.

What technologies do you love to use outside of work?

  • At first I didn’t understand Pinterest. Now I use it every day!  Pinterest helps me find recipes, home organization solutions, travel tips, travel planning ideas and so on. And, I actually share a Pinterest Board with my online personal shopping consultant! I am finding more and more uses for Pinterest every day.
    I also love TripIt – it’s super easy to use and organizes ALL my travel information in one app, PLUS it links me to driving directions as well!

We asked: When being a consumer yourself is there an experience you had using technology that stuck out for you? Any good stories?

  • It may sound cliche, but it’s my smart phone. I finally broke down when my bank offered “mobile deposit”. That was probably 5 or so years ago now. That one benefit, not having to go to the bank or ATM to deposit checks sold me! Today with my phone, I pay for coffee, deposit checks, store travel itineraries, play music, read books, shop, search for restaurants, and I even use it as a flashlight! I cannot believe how much time that one device has saved me in those 5 years. Now, if it could just do my laundry…

We asked: Do you Tweet? Post? Use LinkedIn or other social media?

  • Aside from keeping connected to long distance family and friends, social media also keeps me connected to the pulse of society; what people are talking about, what they are responding to and what they care about (Facebook, Twitter & More). For every silly meme shared, there’s another post related to a cause, charity or person that demonstrates empathy. That part of social media makes me hopeful about our future as a globally connected society. 

We asked: Everyone at Zingle has confidence in our product and company. What are your favorite things about our product? Also, what are your favorite things about working for Zingle?

  • The first few years of Zingle were exciting because we all wore lots of hats and every day brought new challenges and opportunities. 
    Through the years, we have developed long term relationships with our customers and I’ve seen first-hand how Zingle Messaging has transformed communication between businesses and their customers. In the past year I have focused on our customer relationships and have learned, in fine detail, about business messaging from the customer’s perspective. I get “super” excited when I work with customers to create new work flows with Zingle features and automations. The possibilities with our Zingle Texting & Messaging Platform are endless. AND – our customers help us push the envelope with new Zingle solutions every day. I truly enjoy consulting with our customers to build new messaging solutions that have immediate impact in their day-to-day operations .

We asked: If you had one prediction for what is going to be the next big technology, what do you think will be big and blow up in 2016?

  • If I could predict that I’d be a billionaire-right? Having said that, I get very excited about technology advancements in scientific research.  I’ve learned that technology has exponentially sped up the research process, even compared to 5-7 years ago. Scientists are using computer modeling to predict outcomes to narrow the focus of their research. Fewer experiments can potentially translate to less time to reach an important advancement in science or medicine.
    As younger generations begin to take up more interest in the STEM world, I see the speed of technology advancement accelerating primarily due to the younger generations seeing technology as an extension of themselves. These are exciting times in science AND technology.

We asked: Any final or last parting words about technology in the business world?

  • Our youngest technology users have virtually no learning curve when it comes to using technology. I’m excited to see how technology advances in the coming decades. 

Technology plays a role in millions of consumers’ personal daily lives. How big a role is varied between individuals, but it starts with personal cell phones in our every day on-demand culture.

(SoftwareAdvice, 2015)

That’s a huge number. Starting with mobile, technology is now assisting people in any way they choose. Curated news, work access, messaging & communications, you name it – at your fingertips anywhere. There is a huge #MobileMovement happening, across all devices. Businesses & consumers alike are now adjusting their personal and professional lives based upon these impressive facts.

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