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February 25, 2016

Meet The Zingle Team – Q&A w/ Tara Bohnert – VP, Sales

David Wang

In the first of many people to meet on the Zingle Team, we start with Zingle’s VP of Sales, Tara Bohnert. We have introduced Tara in a previous welcome post, but her experience in summary is most recently from.. (read more below)

from The Active Network. Tara brings in awesome sales & management experience. We asked her about how technology may play a role in our lives inside and outside of work.

Our topic for Tara is, “The Massive Growth of Technology.”

We asked: 

We say “massive growth”. So to begin, what technologies do you love to use outside of work?

  • for all of my audio books! I am addicted!
  • for finances.  Such a great tool to keep a family budget on track and easy for both spouses to use.  
  • I also love Medium for both personal and professional use.  Medium keeps track of all your log in data and will log you into automatically to your favorite sites.  This saves me a ton of time trying to remember usernames and passwords.
  • GILTHautelook, Zulilly and really any other online shopping, “daily deal” type experience.  Its my generations version of the Home Shopping Network and I absolutely love it.  I probably do over 50% of my shopping through one of these three sites.

We asked:
When being a consumer yourself is there an experience you had using technology that stuck out for you? Any good stories?

  • I think Amazon has created the absolute BEST customer experience.  Things are always going to go wrong, but Amazon always goes the extra mile to resolve everything.  There are too many instances to name where I ordered the wrong item, something arrived damaged or I just needed something last minute and Amazon solved my problem immediately.  

We asked:
How do you feel about social media personally & professionally?  

  • I am really not that engaged with social media.  If I have free time I will browse through Facebook or Instagram, but I really don’t spend that much time on it.  The best use I have for Facebook is the ability to share photos with family of friends instead of having to email them.  That is really the only use I have.

We asked: 
Everyone at Zingle has confidence in our product and company. What are your favorite things about our product?

  • I love that its plug and play.  We didn’t over complicate the set up or features.  Pretty much anyone can become an expert in no time.  In my opinion that is a sign of an excellent product.

We asked:
What are your favorite things about working for Zingle?  

The opportunity to drive real change. We are revolutionizing the customer service experience. This is big!

We asked:
If you had one prediction for what is going to be the next big technology, what do you think will be big and blow up in 2016?

  • I have been hearing more and more about Virtual Reality and with the obsession our society has on gaming, it seems this is the next logical generation of that market.  

We asked:
Any parting words about technology in the business world?

  • What I find most interesting about this topic is how the uses for technology in business have evolved. Originally, the majority of technology implemented into companies was designed to save time and increase efficiency. Then we shifted to cutting edge tools and products that revolutionized how people solved their day to day problems.  The new wave that we are on the cusp of is likely to be the most powerful of all.  Technology is changing how people communicate and also how they communicate to businesses.  The old thinking of good customer service has to mean a live person on the end of a phone call is no longer true.  Chat, social listening, mobile access and messaging tools like Zingle are changing this space. Its going to be fun to see what happens next.

Technology plays a role in millions of consumers’ personal daily lives. How big a role is varied between individuals, but it starts with personal cell phones in our culture.

(SoftwareAdvice, 2015)

That’s a huge number. Starting with mobile, technology is now assisting people in any way they choose. Curated news, work access, messaging & communications, you name it – at your fingertips anywhere. There is a huge #MobileMovement happening, across all devices. Businesses & consumers alike are now adjusting their personal and professional lives based upon these impressive facts.

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