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October 13, 2015

Zingle adds power to the team – welcome Tara B!

David Wang

Joining Zingle is our new VP of Sales, Tara Bohnert.
Tara comes from a very successful and lengthy career with Active Network, also local to San Diego.

As the new VP of Sales Tara will be working with our Sales and Services organizations in order to ensure we are bringing the absolute best experience to our customers at every point in the lifecycle.

In a big year for Zingle where the company is darting into the Hospitality space rapidly, we couldn’t be more excited to have some accelerated sales experience and leadership join the team. 

“I love the passion and commitment to the Zingle mission and feel incredibly lucky that I get to be part of what is yet to come.”

We asked Tara: What about Zingle was enticing to you?
“I left my last company in 2014 in order to take a few years off from the corporate world to stay home with my son. I wasn’t expecting to take on something new for at least a year or so, but after a few conversations with Ford, time with the product and a chance to meet the Zingle team, I was hooked.  So much of what I do comes down to the people I get to do it with each day.” 

We asked: Tell us about your prior experience?

“Prior to my career break, I spent 11 years at Active Network.  I joined Active at a similar stage to where Zingle is today and loved the experience of watching a company grow, mature and become a global leader.  I started out in account management working with our Endurance Sports key accounts and eventually moved into account management and operations leadership. When an opportunity came up to work in a new market, new product and to take on running a Sales organization, I jumped at it and helped to build one of the fastest growing and most successful markets within Active. One of the best things about my time at Active is the amazing leadership talent I got to work with on a daily basis.  While leadership styles and personalities varied, a strong focus on customer and people was always the cornerstone to everything we did. They are the little voices in my head that push me to work harder, expect more and push myself and my team beyond where we think we can go.”

We asked: Do you have any secrets to success?

“I have an operational brain and believe that a scientific approach to sales, while not always the sexiest, is typically the fastest route to success. ” 

With big plans in 2016, the timing could not be better for Zingle to snatch Tara up and continue to grow as an innovative & successful company. Stay tuned into the Zingle blog for more updates on technology, customer experiences, business trends & more!

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