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June 30, 2015

New York Times: No Need to Call the Front Desk, Just Send a Text

“No problem, sir! We will deliver your text order for room service in 10 minutes.”


Wouldn’t it be nice to give consumers an immediate response for service everywhere they go, right on your mobile device? According to The New York Times, if you stay at a hotel with a texting service, that’s exactly what you get. As Mr. Linn said, a managing director at the American Gas Association who was in New Orleans at the Hyatt Regency, “What used to be just a personal communication method has become business mainstream…”

Picture of guest texting their hotel for their car at the valet,
and the hotel responding using Zingle.

The hotel industry is being disrupted by technology and consumer demands.  Every traveler now carries a mobile device and hotels need to quickly shift to mobile-centric communications.  The explosive growth of social media and online ratings highly influences consumers’ decisions on which hotel to book, creating a greater need for strong ratings & for hotels to ensure that guests are highly satisfied during their stay.  With the rise of on-demand “everything”, consumers’ expectations of wanting immediate service has forced hotels to completely re-think how they provide real-time service.  Guests will no longer tolerate being put on hold, waiting in long lines, or any delay in getting the answer to their question.  Ultimately, hotels worldwide know that how they react to these mission-critical technology and consumer changes will severely impact guest satisfaction and will be the difference between thriving or going extinct.

The New York Times further explained: “But even more importantly, hospitality managers and analysts say, is saving a hotel from a bad review on TripAdvisor or Expedia, the powerful travel sites. For picky travelers, little things like a broken light or a leaky faucet can shave a star or two off an online review. But if guests can air grievances more easily and hotels respond quickly, the thinking goes, it could lead to more positive reviews.”

 Guests are happiest when they are able to get immediate service from anywhere, from any device, at anytime without hassle. Given that SMS text messaging is the easiest, most immediate and most ubiquitous means of having a conversation, it’s no surprise to find out that hotels worldwide are quickly allowing their guests to use a texting solution to have a conversation with them. Allowing guests to text them and talk to them is becoming a staple now at many hotel properties, as not only the fastest and most efficient, but also preferred by guests around the world.

There have been a number of studies conducted to scientifically understand guest satisfaction drivers, such as J.D. Power’s report. In their report, they conclude that an increased number of interactions (including texting), directly improves guest satisfaction, and ultimately the success of the hotel.

“The number of interactions a guest has with the hotel staff may have a significant impact on overall satisfaction.” – J.D. Power

People prefer phone calls less and less. The New York Times said, “Today, having a concierge ready at the tap of a thumb is an amenity offered mostly at luxury hotels. But more hotels of all types are beginning to accommodate guests unwilling or unable to fumble with a room phone to call a concierge — increasingly relying on text messages to keep smartphone-wielding guests happy and spending money.”  For business professionals in meetings, on the move and traveling, texting has become the choice for most of them to communicate. Since phones never leave most guests pockets, this is the simple, smart solution to a growing focus on the guest experience. Plus, according to Bullhorn, Inc.’s research, 97% of all texts are opened within 5 minutes. No other technology has proven to beat that yet. Talk about fast and efficient!

On the business and hotel side, being able to accommodate the demands for real-time conversations is made easy by products like Zingle. Businesses benefit from having the ability to communicate from any device and from anywhere.  They also get a simple yet powerful platform, including intuitive customer management, actionable analytics, and intelligent workflows.  With just a few clicks, hotels can even easily sync with their existing property management systems and work order systems. And popularity is growing quickly: 1 out of 221 Americans have already used Zingle!

At the end of the day and the stay, hotel texting through Zingle is a fast-growing trend improving hotels’ guest satisfaction and revenue. With improved online ratings, more time saved by the staff and the guest, no other form of communication or technology can compete. Move aside voicemail and email, texting is officially taking over the next wave of communication.

You can read the full artice here.

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