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Proactive Service Recovery: The Revenue Strategy You Can't Ignore

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August 15, 2016

Q2 | Zingle Insights


There are a lot of new customer relationships forming! 

Every day, our Zingle team works to build a better product, customer experience, business communication tool to figure out new ways we can make the business & customer relationship even more seamless. Just this past quarter our customers sent 4.25 million messages to their customers (that’s pretty rad!).

Because we recognize that the text & messaging industry is an exploding trend right now, we’re excited to bring you our first “Zingle Insights” quarterly infographic; where you’ll find some stats about how our customers are killing it with customer service via messaging—and we are pretty proud of them! 


BUT WAIT, another big win—a new messaging channel!

At the F8 developer conference in April, Facebook made a big announcement about the Messenger App features.  Alongside that announcement, Zingle also launched a product integration with Facebook Messenger—giving businesses the power to have a real-time 2-way conversation with consumers using Messenger, providing a better and more personalized customer communication channel.

The Facebook messenger app now has over 1 Billion users. And, not only has the Facebook Messenger app grown in MAU (monthly active users), but Facebook has consistently expanded on the capabilities so small businesses can use the tool as the main vehicle to now reach all of their customers.




Today, your customers can now reach your business on a variety of channels, and why is that so crucial? Due to constantly being on the go and have the on-demand mindset, Zingle is transforming the way that relationship happens. We’ve made it easier for customers to let a business know exactly what they want, need or might be looking for, in the exact moment they need it.


We hope to see YOU included in these stats next quarter!

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