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February 2, 2017

Sack the Competition With Texting this Super Bowl

David Wang

Handoff, execution, completion. These words, usually tossed around in the office, will be the same ones you’ll hear this Sunday.

There are over 116 million people expected to watch the Big Game this year; have you considered how leveraging these numbers could benefit your business? The answer may be as simple as integrating text messaging into your business.

If you haven’t thought about how implementing a text messaging platform could change how you do business, read on. 64% of consumers want the ability to text with businesses. But did you know that digital technologies have drastically increased the frequency of orders in every area in the food and beverage industry including take-out, delivery, and catering?

These days everyone texts. Even Tom Brady is sending over 80 text messages per day. Maybe to Giselle, maybe to Belichick plotting another Deflategate, we don’t know. What we do know, however, is that text messaging is now the most preferred form of communication among American adults.So what could a text messaging platform do for your business? Let’s start with having the ability to send and receive text messages with your customers, improving service, increasing efficiency, and inevitably resulting in a greater ROI. Today, mobile orders drive more revenue than dine-in orders, resulting in an average of $4 more per sale Since 2010, digital orders have increased 124% while phone orders have decreased 27%. Why the upsurge? Because 69% of consumers now order food using their mobile device. Also, placing a mobile or online order not only improves accuracy, it’s 75% faster. Digital orders take about 45 seconds from start to finish, while placing a phone order takes on average 2 minutes. Not only will your business save time, but your customers won’t have to shout their order through the phone during their Super Bowl party.

This Sunday, over 48 million people will order takeout and/or delivery. That means 15% of Americans will place an order either online or through their mobile device during the big game. It’s time your business started winning fans and not just customers. We’re already setting your business up for the win; don’t fumble.


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