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October 29, 2014

Service Station Favor Creates Loyal Customer for Life

shellKaren from San Luis Obispo gives props to a Shell station near her home for recently helping her out in a tough situation with a great customer experience. Karen was driving home last week and heard a horrible sound beneath her car…

She stopped and looked under the car and the entire metal plate was dragging along the ground. She pulled into the nearest station she could find,, and the attendant immediately put the car up on the jack and took a look underneath.

He was able to quickly fix the problem and reconnect the plate. No charge, he told her.

“There are three gas stations in my neighborhood and from now on I will be a loyal Shell customer all the way,” Karen says. “Typically these stations charge $100 an hour to even take a look, but he did it for free. By not charging me he ensured that I will bring him my business and tell all of my friends about it. It’s truly an old-fashioned service station, family run and very personal – and I found out during my conversation with the employee that they work on Audis like mine!”

It’s easy to see that the few dollars the service station lost in a few minutes of free labor adds up to thousands of dollars paid at the gas pump in the coming years. The attendant was also able to use the friendly interaction with Karen to sell the shop’s repair services for Audis, potentially attracting her as a service shop customer in the future.

The moral of the story is simple: investing a little in your customers always pays off big in the long run.

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